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Magenta’s brand presence was showcased in an eye-catching national campaign that, in addition to a large-scale Out of Home media mix, also put in the miles with a form of transport media realised by Gewista. Magenta ULF trams travel the streets of Vienna and, as of recently, Innsbruck.

Branded ULF trams are among the most popular forms of transport media advertising and have become a brightly coloured, ever-present part of the cityscape. Magenta is using the iconic vehicles for its marketing by splashing colourful branded wrappings on the sides of the ULF trams. In Vienna and now also in Innsbruck, Magenta has taken advantage of the wide-ranging portfolio of ULF branding products to spread their message. Magenta “Netz” (network), “TV”, “Gigabit”, “Unlimited” and “EINS” (a home broadband and mobile data package) are emblazoned on a magenta-coloured background, raising awareness of the new brand’s wide range of products and services.

“Magenta has a lot to offer, including lots of new products, which we wanted to express clearly using prominent forms of advertising in the Innsbruck cityscape, such as [branding on] trams,” enthused Thomas Mayer, VP Brand Communication at Magenta Telekom, as he described the high-profile campaign.

“Branding ULF trams requires clear messaging that makes its point quickly and has a strong impact. Otherwise, it just won’t work. The Magenta ULF trams tick both boxes,” added Fedja Burmeister, Client Service Director at Jung von Matt/DONAU.
Gewista CSO Andrea Groh said: “Forms of advertising using transport media create a striking marketing presence that reaches thousands of passers-by every day and creates lasting impressions. We’re delighted to count Magenta as one of our clients and to have been able to stage this wonderful campaign made up of such vibrant images.”
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Client:  Magenta Telekom
Creative agency: Jung von Matt/DONAU
Media agency: MediaCom

Form of advertising:
ULF tram film wrapping

Christian Brandt-Di Maio
Corporate Communications Manager/Pressesprecher
Tel: +436641000807

Published in 2019