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June 2019
In its current campaign, Römerquelle is not only advertising its sparkling mineral water but also the fact that its bottles are – quite uniquely – made from 100% recycled PET plastic. As ever with Römerquelle, this noble cause is no less remarkable than the branding, spotlighted by a delightful Out of Home media mix from Gewista. As the highlight of the campaign, a specially branded shipping container to honour “recycling heroes” was installed in Vienna’s Museum Quarter at MediaCom’s request. Complete with an built-in recycling unit, the container also featured an interactive AR game and hosted sampling and promotional activities.

Römerquelle relied on Out of Home media in the form of analogue and Digital City Lights and a shipping-container solution co-developed by Gewista to announce that its entire range of PET bottles is now made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The fact that no other brand has succeeded in doing so to date also created an opportunity to deploy the recycling-focused shipping container as a creative form of advertising in Vienna’s Museum Quarter. As well as showing a Römerquelle bottle with the inscription “Aus Flasche werde Flasche” (Bottles made from bottles), analogue City Lights across Austria announce the news that all new Römerquelle PET bottles will be made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Just by buying a bottle, customers can become recycling heroes.

Promotion at Platz der Menschenrechte against the backdrop of Vienna’s Museum Quarter
The spectacular event at Platz der Menschenrechte near Vienna’s Museum Quarter brought Austrian recycling heroes to the fore: passers-by were able to dispose of old PET bottles in the special recycling unit and were rewarded with a fresh bottle of Römerquelle. Every hour, a new recycling hero was honoured with a lap around the square in a war chariot flanked by Roman soldiers, accompanied by fanfares, and the gift of a supply of Römerquelle drinks to enjoy at home. In parallel with this event – which was hosted in collaboration with Viennese events and promotion agency KESCH against the backdrop of Vienna’s Museum Quarter – digital City Lights at the nearby Volkstheater metro station along Mariahilferstrasse displayed messages inviting viewers to the Museum Quarter and challenging them to become recycling heroes. Each City Light showed the direction of the event and the distance.

“In Austria, three out of four PET bottles are returned to the production cycle via the collection system – an impressive figure. You could say that we Austrians are true recycling heroes. As a result, Austria is increasingly becoming the home of sustainable packaging,” said Philipp Bodzenta, corporate spokesperson at Coca-Cola Austria/Römerquelle.

“The aim of our event was to honour the real heroes behind our sustainability work: our customers, because the PET cycle can only be closed more effectively through high collection rates,” said Katharina Rößl, Brand Manager at Römerquelle, as she explained the concept behind te event. “We’re delighted that as many PET bottles as possible find their way into the recycling system, so that bottles can be used to create more bottles,” Rössl added.

Andrea Groh, CSO at Gewista, said: “We are glad to support a premium client like Römerquelle who, rather than solely relying on classic Out of Home media with uniform, pithy themes, worked with us to conceive and implement unique, creative campaign highlights. The opportunities offered by digital City Lights – in Römerquelle’s case, using them as signposts with distances to invite people to a location where we staged a special marketing event – are diverse and can be precisely tailored.”

“By implementing the PET recycling machine, we were able to create a real campaign highlight for Römerquelle that made the message of “bottles made from bottles” tangible while simultaneously shifting the focus onto customers as everyday heroes. We successfully drew attention to this positive message through cross-media coupling of OOH, digital and promotional materials,” said Birgit Steinbauer, Senior Client Service Consultant at MediaCom.
Römerquelle Recycling Automat
Vlnr.: Rene Nemeth (KESCH), Andrea Groh (CSO Gewista), Lena Pflüger (MediaCom), Birgit Steinbauer (MediaCom), Katharina Rößl (Brand Manager Römerquelle), Dominik Riedmüller (Gewista), Rainer Eschrich (Gewista)
Römerquelle Recycling
Römerquelle Recycling
Roemerquelle Recycling
Roemerquelle Recycling
Roemerquelle Recycling
Roemerquelle Recycling
Roemerquelle Recycling
Roemerquelle Recycling

Client: Römerquelle
Media agency: MediaCom
Creative agency: thjnk Berlin, [kju:] digital solutions, OBSCURA
Events and promotion agency: KESCH

Form of advertising:
•    Analogue and digital City Lights
•    Branded shipping container event with AR, sampling and promotion activities

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