The winner of the billboard workshop organised by Creativ Club Austria (CCA) together with Gewista, which was held at the 25Hours Hotel this year, has now been finalised: The team of the creative cooperative BIRDS DO IT with Karlheinz Wasserbacher and Michael Ladich managed to impress the jury with their 24-sheet billboard. The campaign of the winning team will be up for admiration at 25 billboard sites in Vienna for a week, starting from 22.10.2018.

The billboard workshop inspires people to enliven their spirits and – irrespective of the frame of mind for the day – to produce high-quality ideas in big quantities and forge ahead with them until they have been transformed into striking implementations. A substantial part of "black box creativity" was demystified in the process through the deliberate application of effective thinking strategies of top international creators. The methods motivated intelligent rule-breaking, disrupting obstructive routines and encouraged disruptive solutions. The creative team of Mario Pricken and Dieter Weidhofer facilitated the workshop, which was free of charge for Creativ Club Austria members.

BIRDS DO IT spokesperson, Karlheinz Wasserbacher: "The campaign ought not to be self-promotion, but a thought-provoking impulse. As a cooperative alliance of free creative resources, we deal with our industry in a self-critical manner. The five themes address clichés and trends that concern us as advertisers. One must look at it with a certain irony, without taking oneself too seriously. Read, think, smile."

Gewista CSO, Andrea Groh: "We would like to congratulate the creative cooperative BIRDS DO IT, the winners of the first billboard workshop, which we organised in collaboration with Creativ Club Austria! We are extremely impressed by the results of the workshop and are also pleased about the great interest of the creative minds in specifically dealing with the medium of billboards and their diverse design options. It was and is of special concern to us to motivate young creative minds to intensively engage with the billboard, the strengths that the medium offers, to make use of these in as effective a way as possible and to inspire everyone with the results by bringing in the widest spectrum of creativity! There will be another workshop for certain, which we are looking forward to already!”
CCA und Gewista Plakat-Workshop GewinnerVlnr.: Markus Henrich (BIRDS DO IT), Susanne Benda (Gewista), Michael Ladich (BIRDS DO IT), Karlheinz Wasserbacher (BIRDS DO IT
CCA und Gewista Plakat-Workshop Gewinner
CCA und Gewista Plakat-Workshop Gewinner
CCA und Gewista Plakat-Workshop Gewinner
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