The Golden Pixel Award, the accolode for progressive and innovative print projects was awarded this year for the eighteenth time in 16 categories. Designers, contracting clients and printers were invited to submit their projects; Gewista, together with DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN, won a gold Pixel Award for Vöslauer, in the category „Billboard & visual communication“ with the Rolling Board Innovative & Ambient Media-Staging „Bubble Board“. 

The awarding of the Pixel Award evaluated, in its entirety, the interplay of various factors, such as ideas, quality, product or sustainability, as well as, the result of client collaboration with the agency and the printing company. This makes the award unique: it is not only the end product that is honoured, but also the entire project concept is emphasised. 

The jury statement for the awarding of the Pixel Gold Award in the category „Billboard & Visual Communication“ to Gewista/DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN/ Vöslauer reads as follows: 
„It is a truly spectacular winner, the category is indeed called „Billboard & visual communication“; however, the „Vöslauer“ project does not necessarily have a great deal to do with conventional billboard-interpretation, but rather provides a contemporary symbiosis of both concepts: Variety in presentation, with movement and autonomous design....and, nevertheless, completely striking, well-conceived and entertaining. Quite simply: suitably sparkling!“

„We are delighted and very proud to have won a Golden Pixel Award in Gold, together with DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN for Vöslauer, says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh. The preceding exceptional accomplishment was the winning of the sought-after Rolling Board Creative Trophy, that was awarded by GEWISTA to DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN and MEDIA1. The staging posed new challenges for our Innovative-Team which, due to the „Know-how“ that has grown over the years and the extensive partner network, could be mastered brilliantly. The result represents a creative masterpiece of the special class that has never existed in such a form.“
Golden Pixel Award 2018
Golden Pixel Award 2018
Golden Pixel Award 2018
Golden Pixel Award 2018 Vöslauer
Golden Pixel Award 2018 Vöslauer mild
Golden Pixel Award 2018 ohne
Golden Pixel Award 2018 prickelnd
Photos Golden Pixel Award: © Franz Reiterer

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