Merlicek & Partner presents the next highlight of the "Get out of a sea of plastic" campaign for the "Ja! Natürlich" brand

After two major awards for the Ja! Natürlich brand in the Focus-Ranking competition, first as the TV champions in January and now, again, as the print champions in winter, the marketing campaign "Get out of a sea of plastic" will continue in Spring, 2020, on posters and transport media created by the agency Merlicek & Partner.

It crawls and wiggles. It surfaces and cheerfully plays in the water. On billboards and other advertising spaces, there are springtime feelings throughout Austria. Ja! Natürlich has become Austria's pioneer organic brand. Moving forward, the supervising agency Merlicek & Partner is launching the next phase of its focus on the environment, which will be called "Get out of more plastic."

An aubergine penguin dances happily on his ice floe. A zucchini whale floats through the oceans completely carefree. An avocado tortoise eagerly dashes towards the sea. And, a dancing apple crab is extremely adventurous. These animals from the current eco-initiative of the Ja! Natürlich brand promotion are the lovable icons which serve as the focus of the campaign, which begins in March. These striking motifs can be seen all over the country. In addition to poster displays throughout Austria, a Vienna "Bim" tram-car, fully wrapped with the images and messages of the campaign, travels throughout the city.

Creatively illustrated as fruits and vegetables, these animals are very special eco-ambassadors. Each individual animal represents one of the environmentally friendly packaging alternatives to plastic, such as cellulose film, grass paper or biodegradable cellulose nets. Also, laser branding, since today, many fruits and vegetables are offered without packaging. More than 1,000 tons of plastic that could have been used for fruit and vegetable packaging have been kept out of the environment since the creation of the Ja! Natürlich brand's Green Packaging initiative.

"This is not a sales campaign. Rather, this is about the values and attitudes of our organic Ja! Natürlich brand. This is our brand's serious effort to do something that significantly benefits the environment," says Martina Hörmer of the Ja! Natürlich brand team.

"This is also connects us with the brand's demanding fans, who believe in honest facts, not fake greenwashing. The one thousand tons of plastic correspond to about 140 full garbage trucks. With this initiative, we present the Ja! Natürlich brand as a major role model, something we as Austria's largest organic brand have been working on for ten years," explains Creative Director Rosa Merlicek. "We communicate this vitally important topic through optimum media channels to achieve an enduring, high-impact message."

"I am especially pleased," says Andrea Groh, CSO of Gewista, "that a major brand such as Ja! Natürlich chose our Out of Home Power utilizing classic posters. The poster continues to be an important part of every media mix when it comes to generating attention, message retention and lasting brand-name recall. Choosing a poster dominance route, that is, many posters in direct sequence next to each other, results in very effective advertising impact. This benefits all of our interests toward reaching our shared goal of less plastic."

Details on the individual eco-packaging and additional information on the subject of green packaging can also be found on the Ja! Naturlich website: www.janatü

Client: Ja! Natürlich
Campaign/Subject: "Get out of a sea of plastic"
Management: Martina Hörmer
Marketing Team: Carina Resch, Corinna Bold
Agency: Merlicek & Partner
Creative Direction: Franz Merlicek, Rosa Merlicek, Peter Mayer
Art Direction: Marian Grabmayer, Franz Merlicek, Peter Mayer and Isabel Diglas
Text: Rosa Merlicek and Pia Rosenstingl
Customer Service: Katharina Steyrer, Raffaela Deanovic and Elena Kouznetsova
Retouching: Mladen Penev
Film Production & Animation: Das R&, Skop Filmbüro

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Corporate Communications Manager/Pressesprecher
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