Just how innovative and diverse Out of Home can be is also apparent again this year at the annual panel sitting of the “Out of Home-Award 2016”, which traditionally took place in Studio 44 of the Austrian Lotteries. A top-class creative panel evaluated approximately 3.800 themes from the categories of poster advertising, City Light, Rolling Board, Transport Media, Megaboard, Innovative & Ambient Media, as well as the category of – Digital Out of Home.

“It is very impressive”, relates Gewista CEO Franz Solta, “how many and, above all, extraordinarily creative works were considered worthy of evaluation in what is already the 17th year of existence of the “Out of Home – Award”. This demonstrates that the award enjoys a greater popularity and is held in high regard by agents as well as advertisers. Out of Home media – from poster advertising to Transport Media through to DOOH (digital out of home) – offers, with its unique design possibilities, a perfect playing field for creative people, and I look forward to the award ceremony for the best themes within the setting of “The Winner’s Night Gala”, which will take place at the Novomatic Forum at the beginning of May. “