The Out of Home award for outstanding creative achievement in the Austrian advertising industry was being presented for the 17th time. The festive awarding of the most creative designs in the categories of Posters, City Lights, Rolling Boards, Digital Media, Transport Media, Megaboards, Innovative & Ambient Media as well as Culture took place as part of the “Night of Winners” in the Novomatic Forum.

The guests were greeted by Franz Solta, Gewista CEO, and Andrea Groh, Gewista CSO, who also hosted throughout the evening. The award winners and guests were treated to culinary delicacies underscored by the cool turntable sounds of “DJane Colette”.

The highlight of the evening, to which the winners’ clients and their agencies were invited, was the awarding of the 2016 Out of Home award, with its 8 categories in gold, silver and bronze. From classical posters, by way of transport media to digital media, the most creative campaigns and designs were selected in the run-up by a high level expert jury.

Gewista’s CEO Andrea Groh spoke about the adjudication of the designs and the successful award ceremony: “This year it was again a happy duty to select the winners of this year’s Out of Home Awards from the approximately 3,800 designs of the previous year. With the awarding of this prize we honour the outstanding achievements which the Austrian advertising and creative industry produce year after year in the Out of Home sector. The grand gala evening in the Novomatic Forum offers a perfect opportunity for us to thank our customer for their good collaboration!”

“It is very impressive”, says Franz Solta, Gewista CEO, “how much and above all what exceptionally creative works were to be appraised in this our 17th year of the Out of Home Award. This shows that this award enjoys great popularity and is accorded high significance by agencies and also advertisers. Out of Home media- from posters by way of transport media to DOOH - with their unique design possibilities offer a perfect playing field for creatives and it was a pleasure to be permitted to award a prize to the best designs as part of the Night of Winners Gala.”

All the winners from all eight categories of the Out of Home Awards

The Out of Home overall winner award in gold was awarded to the digital media commercial “Schmatz Promotion” by Soletti/Kelly Gesellschaft mbH (Wirz/UMPanMedia). The silver went to the Megaboard „Unser Spitzenkandidat ist eine Flasche“ by Innocent Smoothies (Union Wagner/Mediacom) and the bronze went to the digital media commercial for the film “Angry Birds” by Sony Pictures (SonyPictures Animation/OMD).