Stiegl brewery decided that it was time for a new beer, a light one, with a beery character, but a hint less alcohol. A beer that makes it easy to enjoy a second one. The result? All new Stiegl-HELL light beer. To promote this new beer creation, the traditional Salzburg brewery relies on classic posters, Gewista Rolling Boards and as a campaign highlight, displays on bus shelters utilizing Gewista's Total Look with City Lights and foil branding displays in the Gewista national Out of Home (OOH) media mix.

Stiegl-HELL, according to Stiegl, a "beer for hellishly good moments" is also presented via Out of Home. The campaign highlight is a creative advertising production at three bus stop shelter locations with high levels of consumer traffic in Salzburg, the Stiegl brand's home. The extraordinary bus stop shelters not only attract attention because of the City Lights, but also with eye-catching foil branding displays. The presentation memorably announces "hellishly good moments" and shows the new beer bottle as well as a stylized illustration of a mischievous face with a devilish grimace along with the classic Stiegl staircase brand symbol. The unique light-beery taste maintains a pleasant 4.5% alcohol content and, as is customary with Stiegl, demonstrates the art of brewing at the highest possible level.

"Stiegl brewery brings to the market the innovative, new Stiegl-HELL beer, with a light but robust, full mouth-feel. One taste of this hellishly beery brew with only 4.5% alcohol makes you want to take the next sip immediately. It's the ideal beer for infernally good moments," said DMB and Stiegl marketing manager Dr. Torsten Pedit, summarizing the new campaign. The product launch of the new Stiegl-HELL is accompanied by TV and High Frequency spots, Out of Home as well as print, on-line and Point of Sale messaging.

"Bus stop shelter productions," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "offer a wide range of design possibilities in the Out of Home-media mix through the integration of special brands, in addition to the classic City Lights, which the Gewista Design & Innovate Unit develops and implements working closely with our clients. The bus stop shelters in the Gewista Total Look are unique and highly creative eye-catchers for Stiegl HELL, and one of the Out of Home advertising formats which give our clients' brands extremely high consumer recall value."

Client: Stiegl Brewery zu Salzburg GmbH
Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann
Out of Home advertising form/media mix:
Bus stop shelter branding in Total Look with City Lights and foil branding in Salzburg, 16 BG posters in Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vienna, Rolling Boards in Salzburg
Duration: May 14th to May 27th, 2020

Press contact:
Christian Brandt Di Maio
Corporate Communications Manager/Press Spokesperson
Mobile: +43 664 10 00 807