The VAMP award 2018, announced by the “Verband Ambient Media, Promotion und Digital Out of Home”, was conferred this year for the eighth time, for the most exceptional creations and ideas in the domestic Ambient Media, Promotion and Digital Out of Home sector. There were gold, silver and bronze awards for the proud winners in 10 categories. Gewista, with a total of four awards – two as submitter and two as partner agency – was one of the evening’s winners. The celebratory prize-giving ceremony took place for the first time in the top, new location the “Ballroom”, which opened its doors especially for the event.

There was also a top-level jury of experts again this year, consisting of Harald Wimmer (FH St. Pölten), Niko Pabst (Marketing Club Österreich), Tina Kasperer (Media Award), Sabrina Oswald (Futura) and Michael Braun (BLINK Werbeagentur), for the awarding of prizes to 30 winners, in a total of 10 categories, in accordance with a points system. 

Gewista is once again among the winners!

Gewista was, once again, among the winners at the VAMP Awards this year. Austria’s largest Out of Home company won two VAMP awards as a submitter – 1 gold and 1 bronze – as well as two awards as a partner agency – 1 gold and 1 silver. 

Gewista VAMP Award winner as submitter:
  • Gold for the campaign “Mercedes Benz A-Class” in the category “The best Ambient Media Campaign in combination with passer-by-interaction”
  • Bronze for the campaign “Vöslauer Bubbling Billboard” in the category “The best Ambient Media Campaign”.

Gewista VAMP award winner as a partner agency:
  • Gold for the campaign “Nächster Halt: Schweden” (“Next Stop: Sweden”) in the category “DOOH Interactive” (Submitter: Mindshare GmbH & Co KG).
  • Silver for the campaign“Nächster Halt: Schweden”   (“Next Stop: Sweden”) in the category “Die frechste Guerilla Kampagne" (“The cheekiest guerrilla campaign”) (Submitter: Mindshare GmbH & Co KG). 

“We are really happy that Gewista is once again among the winners at the VAMP Awards, for and with its clients and media and creative partners!” says Andrea Groh, Gewista CSO, “this confirms, yet again, our commitment to the field of Innovative & Ambient Media, as well as Digital Out of Home. With the work of our in-house Gewista-Units, “Innovative & Ambient Media” and “Digital”, under the direction of Philipp Hengl, we succeeded in winning four VAMP awards. This shows how diverse and innovative Out of Home has become. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and agency partners, who venture together with us in the implementation of extraordinary and creative productions and place their trust in us. The VAMP awards won in 2018 are an impressive testament to this successful collaboration”.

“The VAMP Award was conferred for the eighth time this year”, says VAMP chairman Gerhard Huber, “and we are happy with the consistent variety and high quality of the submissions! The diversity of the VAMPS was also reflected in the categories in which entries could be submitted and range from “The best Ambient Media Campaign (AMBIENT MEDIA)” to “The most attractive Sales-Promotion (PROMOTION) and “DOOH Interactive (DOOH Digital Out of Home)”. The presentation of the VAMP Awards – gold, silver and bronze- as well as the party afterwards, took place in a new, unique location for the first time this year, the Ballroom at Rochusmarkt, and it was a special experience to be able to inaugurate this event.

“Also, this year”, continued VAMP chairman Markus Rauer “the cooperation with the Media Award entered its fifth year, and enabled all participants of the VAMP Awards to submit their work free of charge for the Media Award 2019.” “The VAMP Award”, concludes Rauer, “is today an indispensable advertising and creative prize that is firmly established in the sector, and we would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank all VAMP members and submitters who have, over the course of many years, made the VAMP-Award what it is today.” 

An overview of the ten categories in which the VAMP Award 2018 is conferred:


1. The best ambient media campaign.
The use of free postcards, posters in fitness studios, stickers in showers or similar ambient media. Unconventional, creative and attention-grabbing applications, that may even set new trends, are evaluated.

2. The best ambient media campaign in combination with passer-by interaction.
The use of ambient media with the focus on the active participation of passers-by in the ambient staging, preferably without direct prompting by a third party. The power of spontaneous participation in the campaign or interaction with the medium is evaluated. 


3. The most striking promotion
A product, whose form of promotion is to sample it, is one of the oldest advertising tools. It shows us how effective this form of advertising can still be today. Creativity, brand consistency, effectiveness and target group accuracy are evaluated. 

4. The most attractive sales promotion
The best presentation of a promotion in the food retailing industry, in specialist electronic markets or other clearance sale outlets. Creativity, brand consistency, effectiveness, sales push and turnover generated are evaluated. 

5. The best road show
The consistent representation of products, brands and their brand world, the reaching of the notified target group in their environment, the invitation to a real or virtual experience – a road show can do all that. Creativity, brand staging, equipment, choice of location and target group accuracy are evaluated. 

DOOH Digital Out of Home

6. DOOH Interactive
The core idea in this category is the combination of screens & interaction on the screen (for example, motion sensors, mobile to screen technology, touch screens). Creativity, as well as the acceptance by the target group, is evaluated. 

7. DOOH Classic
Here, the playful media use at various touchpoints, timelines or themes adapted to the target group and time of day is evaluated. 


8. The best cross-media campaigns (in all areas of the VAMP awards, whether it’s AM, Promotion, DOOH). Here, individual advertising forms of the 3 media genres join together in association – also incorporating other disciplines. Ambient Media and /or promotions must be a component of the submitted campaign. The central theme, the story, the targeted use of different advertising tools and their combination, the synergy effect between the individual media genres, the creativity, brand consistency and the measured and documented (!) output of the campaign are evaluated. 

9. The most efficient initiative/campaign

It’s not just about small budgets here, but rather the input/output relationship. Small budgets can also be large in this case. The documented and proven (!) input/output relationship is evaluated. 

10. The “Frechste Guerilla” campaign
Unusual ideas that stand out because of their unconventionality are awarded in this category. The VAMP shows its cheeky side here. Creativity, novelty value and the moment of surprise are evaluated.