With a spectacular Out of Home solution at the Donauplex in Vienna, Austria’s most popular mineral water is currently really tingling – or perhaps not:

Depending on which variety the Rolling Board is currently displaying, it bubbles in the giant bottle to be found below. 

Yvonne Haider, Director of Marketing & PR at VÖSLAUER: “We are not only constantly bringing innovative products to the market, but we are also striving to attract attention with unusual ideas and implementations.” 

“The preceding extraordinary implementation was the winning of the sought after Rolling Board Creative Trophy that was awarded by Gewista at Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann and Media1. According to Gewista CSO Andrea Groh “The Rolling Board Medium” is outstandingly suited to placing advertising messages at targeted, highly-frequented traffic points. VÖSLAUER is not only using the wide reach of the medium, but has also, with its current staging, accomplished a creative master stroke of a special class, that has never been provided in such a form.”
Rolling Board Sonderwerbeform Vöslauer-6
Rolling Board Sonderwerbeform Vöslauer-5
Rolling Board Sonderwerbeform Vöslauer-4
Rolling Board Sonderwerbeform Vöslauer-3
Rolling Board Sonderwerbeform Vöslauer-2
Rolling Board Sonderwerbeform Vöslauer-1

More of the unique staging is shown in the video.

Christian Brandt-Di Maio
Corporate Communications Manager/Pressesprecher
E-mail: christian.brandt-dimaio@gewista.at
Mobil: +436641000 807