Yakult is science and not magic! This is the principle message of the current Yakult campaign with an “educational mandate”. With a wink of an eye, questions like “What exactly is Yakult?” and “Where does its origin lie?” are answered – is the answer to be found in the forgotten mountains of Japan, on an ancient hillside? And is the drink made by following a mystical essence from the magical gigantic Bonsai tree? These are questions that will be fully answered within the setting of two Gewista Waiting Hall – Total Brandings in Vienna. And there is also a genuine Bonsai to be won. 

Yakult, the cultured skimmed milk drink with special lactic acid bacteria – discovered by the Japanese scientist Dr. Shirota in 1935 – is now to be found for a short time in a total branding look at two Gewista tram/bus shelters, at two highly frequented locations in Vienna – the Mariahilferstraße and the Ringstraße, right beside the Oper. Together with foliation on the glass surfaces of the tram/bus shelters and classic City Lights, on which Japanese mountains, Bonsais and, of course, Yakult bottles are to be seen, the highlight of the promotional setting is an interactive City Light. “What is Yakult?” stands out prominently to read. Passers-by can actively submit their tip and, by using the integrated buttons, choose between two answers, SCIENCE or MAGIC. Yakult, if it were indeed magical, is obviously science! After the buzz of the correct answer, a voucher with a QR-Code is given out, through which direct access to the landing page https://yakult.at is reached and where, through participation in a contest, one of 50 Bonsai trees can be won. As if that were not value enough, passers-by will also be supplied with Yakult bottles on the spot by the promoters. In addition to this creative “Innovative & Ambient Media” staging in Vienna, City Lights are also being used as part of this Out of Home Mediamix.

“The staging of Yakult within the setting of two completely branded waiting halls, lends the current “Science Not Magic” campaign an interactive twist. We are delighted to inspire passers-by, at highly-frequented locations, with this creative and, simultaneously, extremely innovative Out of Home form of advertising, as well as informing them and providing the opportunity to participate in a contest! Through on the spot sampling, everyone who was, until now, still unaware of Yakult, can also convince themselves of the product’s flavour – and, as a result, we are bringing the Yakult spirit to the streets of Vienna!”, Christina Friese (Director of Marketing & PR Yakult Austria) tells us about the current ongoing campaign.

According to Andrea Groh, Gewista CSO, “Waiting hall brandings in Total-Look offer increasingly diverse design possibilities, in addition to the popular City Lights. Through the integration of digital interaction opportunities to foliation, virtually no boundaries are set when it comes to individual “Tuning”. Our Innovative & Ambient Media-Unit is developing these sensation causing, special forms of advertising in collaboration with our clients. The stagings in waiting halls are not only unique eye-catchers, but also one of the Out of Home forms of advertising that remain in the memory of recipients afterwards due to the especially creative design possibilities, as well as being a source of inspiration and represent the icing on the cake of any campaign”.
Contracting Client: Yakult
Media Agency: MediaCom – the Kommunikationsagentur GmbH
Creative Agency: Since Today Werbe GmbH
Advertising Form/Out of Home-Mediamix:
* Special advertising form: Waiting Hall branding in Total Look at 2 locations: Staatsoper Wien and Mariahilferstraße; on the spot promotion with product samples; duration: 27.09 – 03.10; City Lights in Vienna.