Rolling Board

Dynamic outdoor advertising perfectly positioned


The Rolling Board has established itself in preceding years as a high impact – premium medium in outdoor advertising. The benefits of this medium are in its range optimisation. With its excellent location positioning (at right angles to the flow of traffic) and backlighting undeniable attention is guaranteed for your campaign.

Through coverage of main traffic routes, the Rolling Board achieves not only gross contact, but also contributes to net high coverage maximisation in an intra-media mix of advertising media. Customers who use these advertising carriers benefit from high score values for impact, recall and recognition, as well as an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio. 


The benefits of rolling advertising

Rolling boards not only fire the imagination of creative advertisers but also arouse the curiosity of the beholder with a never-ending stream of special effects. Successful campaigns show that themes that use movement optimally or integrate the entire media in the design are an absolute eye catcher – hardly anyone can miss the Rolling Board in Total Look. The options range from decals, through which only individual elements of the underlying images shine through, to eye-catching decorations with curtains, artificial grass, netting and fabrics, as well as the addition of oversized armchairs and frogs.

The Rolling Board – an unbeatable accompaniment in the OOH media-mix!

Over the last 15 years, experience has shown that the use of Rolling Boards, alongside its creative use options, is especially suitable in combination with the billboard in the wide coverage optimisation of national campaigns. For this reason the display mode of the Rolling Boards has been adapted to the billboard. The synchronized display cycle of both media simplifies campaign planning in outdoor advertising, as well as the campaign handling for our clients.

The needs of our clients are as diverse as the booking options of our advertising media are flexible. Because our weekly bookable advertising media such as City Lights, Digital City Lights, as well as Transport-Media with flexible campaign launches are suitable as an ideal supplement to the Rolling Board and billboard. Therefore, following evaluation and monitoring of market needs, we can safely say that we have repositioned the Rolling Board in the media-mix.

What we can offer you:

  • Wide coverage through optimal location positioning: With positioning at highly frequented sites such as exit and access roads, as well as through roads in state capitals, conurbations and regional towns, we offer a nationwide network that currently comprises 680 locations with approximately 3.100 surfaces. You can, therefore, with Rolling Board advertising, reach the target group at exactly the right location at the right time.
  • Room for your ideas: Diverse design options on a Rolling Board advertising surface of nearly 7 square metres with up to three rolling themes per side. We also stage the most unusual ideas and create a suitable advertising presence for your campaign.
  • Rolling advertising brings variation: High impact through movement and optimal visibility – The Rolling Board surfaces are, due to their positioning at a height of 2, 60 to 3, 50 metres and at right angles to the flow of traffic, impossible to miss.
  • The ideal supplement: Rolling Boards contribute significantly to high coverage optimisation in an intra-media advertising media mix.
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Book our Rolling Boards

Has the creative potential of our wide-coverage Rolling Boards convinced you? Then, here you will find further booking information, price details, as well as, the billboard display cycle. We are happy to answer any questions you may have at any time and look forward to actively assisting you in planning and implementation.