The future of tourism and the re-opening of sports facilities

The next milestone towards normality occurred on May 29th, 2020, when hotels were allowed to resume their business. Step by step, the tourism industry is now slowly picking up speed. At the same time, another industry was allowed to resume activities and open doors -- sports facilities and fitness centers. Many sports enthusiasts who eagerly awaited the re-opening are now visiting sports facilities and fitness centers.

What is the mood in Austria regarding tourism?

The lock-down slowed down our daily lives down enormously. We suddenly had plenty of time to think about the present and the future. In the pre-Coronavirus era, mass tourism was one of the biggest tourism challenges. Travel was perceived as a consumer product that no longer made people happy, not always taking them away from the masses, towards new discoveries and adventures.
"Staycation" is the name of another trend, which sees staying at home for your vacation as a conscious holiday decision. People spend their holidays within their own four walls or in the vicinity of their home. A Staycation focuses on activities such as tours in the neighborhood, short holidays, excursions in the immediate vicinity and local day trips. Stay-at-home guests are also highly relevant to tourism, as this target group visits destinations in the immediate vicinity or destinations that can be explored on day trips, such as castles and palaces, amusement parks, culinary destinations and much more.
"Not as tourists but as travelers" is a kind of mantra for "Transformational Tourism," which is a new trend describing those who seek to experience the authentic life of their holiday destination and learn about the local culture, and not be perceived as a foreigner. Someone who considers himself a traveler, not a tourist, will try to immerse himself in the local culture rather than standing out. The focus is on conscious enjoyment at one's own, personal pace.

What developments are there in the sports sector?

Also on May 29th, hobby sports facilities and fitness studios opened, subject to certain measures. Training is only allowed if sufficient distance is maintained. Instead of the otherwise applicable minimum distance of one meter, visitors to fitness center are required to maintain a distance of at least two meters when exercising. People can meet again socially for joint sports activities while observing the minimum distance, which is a further step towards normality.


Members of the innovative HYVE Crowd platform and the University of Innsbruck are looking into the question of what this year's summer holiday will look like. By means of an ideas competition, creative solutions are being sought to ensure pleasant and safe travel in times of Corona. To learn more about how to join and participate in the competition, see detailed Information at:

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