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Gewista is Austria's Number 1 in the field of outdoor advertising. We offer our customers a high-quality repertoire of advertising carriers with comprehensive all-round solutions for outdoor advertising. Innovative, dynamic and service-oriented – implementing your idea is a challenge we are glad to accept.


The advertising world of Gewista consists of…


  • The advertising world of Gewista consists of…
  • Out of Home – Today, we utilise modern advertising forms such as backlit City Lights and dynamic Rolling Boards in addition to the classic billboard to create a diversified cityscape. We offer any advertising campaign an eye-catching and cost-effective stage based on a customised mix of classic and innovative advertising carriers.


  • Digital Media: Since 2014 our digital screens in the viennese main metro stations, as well as outdoor at the Mariahilfer Street and in the innercity of Vienna complete our overall portfolio.


  • The development of Transport Media allows the holistic design and utilisation of advertising surfaces on all forms of public transport, from buses to metro trains and even the stations themselves. Infoscreens are a further method of transporting an advertising message far and wide.


  • Numerous innovative media advertising forms such as mobile and interactive outdoor advertising, dressed shopping streets and metro stations, street furniture in pedestrian zones, banners, façade advertising, dressed Rolling Boards and interactive City Lights round off our comprehensive portfolio.


Facts & Figures

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The Gewista-Group

Gewista is one of Austria's largest media corporations and, as the absolute market leader in Vienna and the most important agglomerations; it is also the country's most important provider of Out of Home advertising.


Gewista and its holdings

Progress Salzburg markets advertising on billboards, Rolling Boards, City Lights, Transport Media and notice boards in Salzburg. Since the partial acquisition of building-based advertising it has advanced to become the leading provider of Out of Home advertising in Salzburg. Progress Werbeland currently has around 3,000 billboard spaces at its disposal. It focuses on areas of high population density such as Linz, Wels, Styr and all the regional capitals, as well as locations and POS that are significant from a traffic-related viewpoint. With 3,000 billboard spaces in upper and lower Austria in its portfolio, the USP from upper Austria is meanwhile a much sought-after player in the field of outdoor advertising.

With more than 4.000 INFOSCREENs in and around the public transport system in Austria's capitals INFOSCREEN is ranked among Austria’s mass media with the greatest coverage due to a national daily reach of 11%. 

With more than one thousand advertising surfaces, Megaboard offers you an advertising medium that is characterised by its size, high contact frequency, exclusive locations, illumination and freedom of design.

The ARGE Autobahnwerbung, a consortium for motorway advertising, offers unique advertising opportunities on traffic boards located at motorway slip roads and dual carriageways. Rolling Board OÖ (Upper Austria) completes the nationwide offering of Out of Home advertising options. KULTURFORMAT, a company offering small cultural initiatives and event organisers in Vienna an opportunity to post legal and reliable advertisements in A1, A2 and strip formats on power lines and electrical switching boxes.


The World Out of Home Organization

WOO is the international federation of out-of-home companies and global advocacy organization. WOO is an information and lobby platform and regularly organizes congresses and symposia. For more information, visit worldooh.org.

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Number of employees: 343

(Gewista Werbe GmbH, Gewista Service GmbH, Progress GmbH, Megaboard GmbH, KULTURFORMAT GmbH, INFOSCREEN Austria GmbH, USP Werbe GmbH)


Gewista is growing!

Gewista was founded in 1921. Since then, a lot has happened and changed.

Everything about the history of Gewista can be read here.


Franz Solta, CEO Gewista
Franz Solta Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Hansjörg Hosp
Hansjörg Hosp Chief Operating Officer (COO)