Innovative Outdoor Advertising with Digital Media

Outdoor advertising in the age of Digital Out of Home.

Due to the application options available, Digital Out of Home is certainly keeping abreast of the times. Digital signage has long since been a feature of Austrian outdoor advertising and digital content is being played precisely to the target audience by Digital City Lights. If you are on the lookout for digital advertisements, advertising on electronic displays, the ideal presentation possibilities for (audio-) visual, digitised content in public spaces, then Digital Media is certainly the right choice!

Digital City Lights unite the benefits of two worlds: Digital, high-definition total images are combined with the unmistakable range of City Lights. As a result, the digital screens create unique and dynamic product landscapes in city spaces and stage city centre hotspots and premium locations in Vienna with innovative advertising campaigns.


In what form can Digital Media be booked?

Whether individual spots or exclusive bookings of entire Digital City Lights, no limits are placed on creative ideas. The medium is fast, flexible and innovative. Digital spots are booked in a length of 10 seconds and repeated in a loop of 60 seconds. The digital screens can be booked for your unique Digital Signage in various formats – 32, 72, 80, or 84 inches.


Where are our Digital City Lights located?

Due to the exclusive location positioning, they are presented above and below ground as attention grabbing, not to mention, wide-coverage eye catchers. On ground level, our wide-coverage advertising medium is offered in 2 networks, on Mariahilfer Strasse and as a Deluxe network in Vienna city centre. Underground, we hope to convince you with an offer in the heavily frequented underground stations. Our screens can be found in the metro stations 1 & 2, as well as in the stations at Karlsplatz and Stephansplatz, “The Mall” Wien Mitte, the Westbahnhof station, Praterstern station, Schwedenplatz and in the station at Volkstheater. In addition, Digital Media is also offered in individual states.


Smart Content

Benefits of Digital Media: Digital is smart.

In the age of Digital Signage in the Out of Home field, content can be electronically loaded and updated quickly, with minimal additional costs. In the flexibility and innovative application options, the unmistakable strengths of Digital City Lights are also apparent. With Digital Out of Home, there is the precisely accurate placement and display of campaigns using Smart Content, bringing new and innovative possibilities! Through our high-definition, digital screens, we can tailor digital advertising precisely to the target audience and display it at the right time, at the right place for a relevant group of people. In this way campaigns achieve more attention from the end client. The display of content is, therefore, SMART, based on context specific events and is, thus, breaking new ground in the individualised modulation of digital advertising messages. Whether it’s the weather, the time and geo-targeting or the countdown to product launches, convince yourself of the innovative application options of Digital Out of Home.


Digital Media in Vienna 



The screens accompany the passers-by, with their message, from arrival at the station to the escalators and as far as the platform in the underground . Especially appealing is the display of digital spots at highly frequented stations such as, Karlsplatz, Stephansplatz, “The Mall” Wien Mitte, Westbahnhof, Praterstern, Schwedenplatz and the Volkstheater.



Digital City Lights in the single stations

 Video walls
Digital City Lights (DCL)
Digital Escalator Lights (DEL)
Aspect ratio
Karlsplatz2 walls2 screens72 screens16:9, 9:16
Praterstern  29 screens 9:16 portrait
Schwedenplatz 11 screens96 screens9:16 portrait
Stephansplatz 31 screens78 screens9:16 portrait
The Mall  15 screens 9:16 portrait
Westbahnhof  24 screens16 screens9:16 portrait
Volkstheater 14 screens 9:16 portrait
Metro Network 1 & 2  2 networks of 22 screens each16 screens9:16 portrait
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Resolution: 1080x1920 HD
Sound: no
Standard campaign: 1x10 second per 60 second-loop. Expanded spot length on request.

Metro Network 1 & 2 


Stations metro netWORK 1 and metro netWORK 2:

Ubahn Netz 1 und 2



The digital advertising media also offers obvious, high impact highlights in the area of outdoor advertising on the ground level. Impressive advertising campaigns are staged in two networks on Mariahilfer Strasse and as a deluxe network in Vienna city centre.
Digital Media Wien Outdoor EN
Digital City Lights (DCL)
Aspect ratio
Mariahilfer Straße Shopping2 networks - 14 screens 
Mariahilfer Straße Small2 networks - 7 screens9:16
Vienna Deluxe9 screens9:16
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Resolution: 1080x1920 HD
Sound: no
Standard campaign: 1x10 second per 60 second-loop. Expanded spot length on request.

Digital Media in Austrian States

Outdoor Advertising from Graz to Bregenz.

The digital world of outdoor advertising, with high-resolution spots, is not only to be found in Vienna; there are also many possibilities for the staging of digital advertising campaigns in other state capitals.


Facts & Figures Austrian States

Austrian StatesDigital City Lights (DCL)Aspect ratio
Salzburg Deluxe13 screens 
Graz Deluxe 11 sreens9:16
Linz Deluxe2 nets -  13 screens9:16
Klagenfurt Deluxe6 screens9:16
Bregenz Deluxe5 screens9:16
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Resolution: 1080x1920 HD
Sound: no
Standard campaign: 1x10 second per 60 second-loop. Expanded spot length on request.

Book Digital Media for your campaign

Do you still want to be convinced about your advertising campaign on high-resolution digital screens? Then here you will find further information about booking and price details, as well as costs and the display cycle. We are happy to assist you at any time!