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Mobility & urbanisation

Transport Media with its finger on the pulse.

Mobility and urbanisation are the buzzwords of our time that characterise urban life and therefore public transport.  Public transport, whether by underground, bus or tram, is growing at an average annual rate of 1.8 per cent.

More and more people are using public transport and travelling a wide variety of routes, even several times a day: a wide range of public transport options are used to get to school, work, leisure activities or other errands.


Our transport media advertising will convince you with its unique benefits:

Gewista is number 1 in the field of Transport Media: Our options for your unique advertising campaigns are as diverse as the transport vehicles. With advertising surfaces on approximately 5.200 vehicles such as, trams, buses and underground trains, we are, today, the undoubted number 1 in Austria’s transport media landscape.

Versatility – Our success factor in Austrian Transport Media advertising: Whether it’s on buses, trams, low-floor trams or underground trains, we inspire people with special Out of Home campaigns that attract everyone’s attention. From buses or low-floor trams in Total Look designs to integrated experience landscapes known as station brandings or brand areas, we implement eye-catching advertising campaigns with our clients.

Your advertising messages are placed exactly to reach your target groups: Transport Media advertising is right there, where your target group can be found. In public transport, you will reach the most varied target groups right where the action is. Whether young or old, digital natives or digital immigrants, on the way to school or work, your advertising is right there, where the target group is.

Transport Media advertising is popular: Studies show that advertising on buses, trams or in underground stations is perceived as “very appealing” and “rather appealing”. The perception is positively influenced, especially in underground stations. Consumers consciously look for diversion while waiting on their means of transport and companies benefit from increased Brand Awareness.

Special added value through repetition: Advertising options in Transport Media Advertising impress due to frequent contact with the target group. 70% of all public transport users travel on the same routes up to five or six times per week. In 2022 the Wiener Linien recorded a passenger number of 747,4 million. Ideal advertising synergies emerge in an advertising mix with City Lights, Rolling Boards, billboards or advertising in waiting shelters, underground stations and train stations.

ULFs and Trams

Vienna has had streetcars since 1865. The red and white "Bims", as they are affectionately called in the vernacular, are not only one of the most popular means of transport in the city, they are also a fixed part of the cityscape. Wiener Linien recorded 246,5 million passengers in 2022, impressively demonstrating that streetcars and low-floor cars are heavily used. The generation of low-floor trams (ULF) in particular is an essential part of our Transport Media portfolio.

The new generation of Ultra-Low vehicles is an especially integral component of our Transport Media portfolio. We have given the so-called ULF a trendy image – Catwalk feeling on rail: The mobile advertising media attract the attention of transport users with unusual, all-round styles, known as Total Looks, incorporating the entire vehicle trim and remain in the memory for a long time. We also offer prominent accentuations in the area of tram advertising by way of:

  • Side surface advertising
  • Traffic Board or
  • Additional mounting in the form of folding framework, interior advertising.

Transport  Media advertising that works: The tram – brandings are a positive eye-catcher and figures provided by a CAWI-Online survey by Ambient Meter also confirm this: 84% of respondents stated that they found advertising on trams very or rather appealin


Outdoor advertising

Fast progress through short intervals and high speed are what make Vienna's metro such a popular form of public transport among city dwellers – 348,5 million of them used it in 2022. The metro does not suffer delays due to traffic jams or red lights; they arrive and depart every few minutes, and the time they spend at the station is naturally very short. Nonetheless, advertising messages in stations, on billboards and in and on the metro trains still attract a great deal of attention among passengers. This is because the underground environment offers little in the way of stimulus and distraction. It is natural for people to look for visual stimulation and variety. And we can make very good use of the effect with metro-based advertising. Metro trains in Total Look designs or innovative advertising on metro doors awaken the interest of the beholder and benefit from a high degree of advertising efficiency.

Metro - Indoor advertising

The interior of Vienna's public transport vehicles offers as many exciting opportunities as the exterior: Designs flow from the outside to the inside and achieve maximum impact as customers can utilise virtually the whole interior surface of the metro for their advertising messages.

In 2022, public transport authority Wiener Linien counted near 350 million passengers, demonstrating impressively that the metro enjoys a high rate of use. Transport Media programs have become all the more interesting since the introduction of night-time services to Vienna's metro system which are used in particular by a young, urban target group with an affinity for advertising. As the number of night-time passengers is expected to double, more than 30,000 people will be able to see the message in, on and around the metro. Furthermore, traffic authority Wiener Linien extended the U2 line to Seestadt station, resulting in more frequency for the same price with Transport Media Advertising.

By adding, renovating and expanding the Vienna metro system, the scope of the mobile advertising media is growing steadily and bringing new, exciting possibilities to showcase your brand perfectly with metro advertising.


Our new product in the transport sector!


Your advertising campaign in the centre of traffic:

  • CO²-saving and environmentally friendly transport
  • 78.3% of Viennese travellers use the underground 
  • High level of attention through interaction when entering
  • Space for creative design
Totallook Basic U-Bahn

Swing Cards

Your advertising within reach: Whether in the tram or on the U6, our Swing Cards bring your advertising very close to your target group. Due to its format, this form of advertising attracts maximum attention directly from the customer. That's exactly why our Swing Cards are the right choice to add that little extra to your Out of Home campaign.

Brand Area

Your brand showcased perfectly below the streets of Vienna: We have offered so-called Station Brandings, a form of advertising based on the creative use and design of Vienna's metro stations, since 2006. We are particularly fond of Station Brandings because they provide our customers with an excellent of appealing, high-quality advertising surfaces and allow us to benefit from the exciting task of orchestrating complete advertising worlds underground. These integral design forms with expressive images provide accompaniment on the way to the platform, through long passageways, past walls that seem endless and via numerous escalators, ensuring an attention-grabbing and, above all, welcome distraction. According to client surveys, metro users perceive the unusual advertising to be a real enrichment.

Metro stations are characterised by unusually high frequencies (100,000 to 240,000 per day), numerous advertising surfaces and sufficient space for various advertising opportunities: cladded columns, wall-mounted panels, interactive terminals, escalator advertising and a completely new vehicle: “Digital Station Branding”. It makes Station Branding the ideal platform for customers who want their motifs to attract a particularly high level of attention. 

Our new product, known as Brand Area, is also convincing, not only consumers, but also advertisers with its application possibilities and attractive pricing structure. Brand areas can be booked in different variants at various locations to address the target group with pinpoint accuracy.


Outdoor advertising on the road

The bus brings your advertising campaign right into the action: The Austrian bus network is a shining example of surface coverage. The buses are on the move everywhere, in urban and rural areas alike and, thereby, become an extensive advertising medium. Bus advertising also benefits from a special loyalty bonus – because bus passengers use “their” routes on an extremely regular basis. Motorists, who often have the rear view of a bus in sight, or pedestrians, who find the advertising on buses particularly appealing, can also be counted among the most important target groups (scoring a value of 85% in the category “extremely or rather appealing” in a CAWI-Online survey conducted by Ambient Meter).

The bus advertising proposal is, therefore, versatile: Side surface applications, the most varied types of rear design, interior advertising or the branding of buses in Total Look are frequently used conveyors of unique advertising messages in public spaces. Our bus repertoire includes the buses of Wiener Linien (152,4 million passengers in 2022) and the City Busse, as well as, the Badner Busse and the Postbusse, throughout Austria. These mobile advertising surfaces are not only cost-effective and efficient; we can also offer them extremely accurately.


Badner Train

The local train service from Vienna to Baden, also known as the Badner Train, is one of the most important public connections for commuters travelling from Vienna's southern periphery to the heart of city. Around 33,000 people use this service every day to get to school, work or various other destinations.

We therefore see the Badner Train as a direct line to the citizens of Vienna's southern district. However, our internal and external advertising and Total Look designs also reach people on shopping excursions – citizens using the direct connection between the shopping paradises „Kärntner Strasse“ near Vienna’s state opera and the "SCS Shopping City Süd" in Vösendorf near Vienna.

Cineplexx Werbung auf Badner Bahn

Federal states

Transport Media in the Austrian States

However, we are not only on the move in Vienna, because rolling advertising also works in other Austrian States. Our bus advertising can be found in Graz, Linz, Salzburg, St. Pölten, Klagenfurt, Eisenstadt and Innsbruck. A special form of advertising in rural areas is the bus poster.  Transport Media is one of the most efficient forms of advertising that should not be left out of any marketing mix.


Book Transport Media

Do you also want to make use of the benefits of Transport Media for your advertising campaign? Then, here you will find further information about booking and price details. We are happy to help at any time, with any questions you may have and look forward to actively supporting you with planning and implementation.

Reinhard Benesch Senior Account Manager - Transport Media Specialist