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Our City Lights, the Shooting Stars of outdoor advertising

They make your advertising campaign shine.

Who doesn’t know them? City Lights, the highlights of outdoor advertising. City Light advertising is versatile and forms part of the cityscape: Whether as a free-standing showcase, columns or integrated in a waiting shelter, the backlit advertising surfaces are an integral component of urban life.

A particular benefit of our City Lights is their 24 hour visibility. With their backlighting in streets and alleyways, at highly frequented squares and stations, they provide bright moments in your campaign. This form of advertising media is an essential component of outdoor advertising in Austria and, with creative and high impact themes, makes everyday life more colourful. 

Our City Lights are a real eye catcher and, with special designs and applications, ensure additional attention in public spaces. Fitted with technical features (such as lenticular technology, wi-fi or sound) they are especially capable of reaching out to the Digital Native Generation target group. The illuminated media functions, therefore, as a tangible medium that is particularly close to people. 

The benefits of our City Lights at a glance:


  • More sites for your coverage: With more than 8.000 surfaces and individually combinable networks, we are number 1 in Austria. In 2018 we expanded the City Light network through the purchase of approximately 1.900 sites. Situated at highly frequented locations in Austria’s cities, they ensure high recall, recognition and impact values for your advertising messages.


  • Exactly where your target group is: Through placement at highly frequented locations, as well as, target group specific utilisation options through geo-marketing supported site selection, you will reach your target group extremely accurately and 24 hours a day. Whether Shopping & Beauty, Premium Networks, Health & Care, Young & Mobile or your Wish Network, with our illuminated advertising you will reach your target group right there where it is located.


  • Digital & innovative: The most unusual ideas and unique campaigns are also staged with our City Lights for a fitting advertising presence. City Lights offer unique advertising options to reach the Digital Native target group, particularly in this age of digitalization. They are the ideal partner for an intra-media advertising media mix.


  • In the middle of the action: As part of public life, outdoor advertising brings special benefits and a high potential for users of public transport. The trend towards mobility shows that people are increasingly on the move and contact with outdoor advertising is increasing. The Austrian is on the move for 94 minutes a day. Above all, for pedestrians and users of public transport the awareness and contact opportunities are especially high.


  • The inspirational themes are a welcome diversion especially during waiting times in our waiting shelters.


  • City Lights are usable in many ways: Whether in combination with waiting shelters or City Light- advertising columns, the possibilities for use are endless.

City Lights in the waiting shelter

Public transport as a stage for your product.

Waiting shelters not only offer protection from all kinds of weather, but also become a stage in the midst of public transport. In the Out of Home area, waiting shelters are more than modern city installations and reach a multitude of transport users: whether in trams, on bicycle, in cars driving by or at the tram or bus stop, the waiting shelters attract attention as an eye-catching advertising medium.


Our benefits:


  • Placement at heavily frequented locations with wide coverage in Austria’s cities. The potential of this advertising medium is growing due to rising passenger numbers.


  • Due to the back lighting, attention is certain at any time of the day and the perfect stage in the Out of Home media mix is presented.


  • With our longstanding experience, and as a competent partner, we will lend our support during the formation of unique advertising campaigns. The range extends from total brandings to foil coverings, special applications and ambient media settings. 



The perfect partner for original ideas in outdoor advertising. 

As freestanding advertising panels, City Light showcases focus on the campaign to be staged. Coverage is guaranteed, due to placing at highly frequented traffic points and crowded places. As a stand-alone 24 hour advertising medium, it convinces, not only through optimal visibility, but also due to the diverse design options. In addition to add-ons and modifications, special supplementary technical tools provide interactive features for unique campaigns.


City Light meets advertising columns: Consistency and modernity perfectly combined.

Since 2006, backlit rotating columns have lined not only the pedestrian zones of Vienna but also the Ringstrasse, the city's orbital road. These dinosaurs of outdoor advertising are long-standing components of our product range. They are historical aesthetes that fit as perfectly into today's cityscape as they did in times gone by.

Advertising columns are a popular anchoring point in an ever-changing world, and not only for nostalgics. We believe in them, too – these tried and tested advertising carriers with their continuous 8-sheet portrait format offer an attractive platform for special topics.

Our offer:


  • We have various formats of City Light columns available and can tailor the range to your requirements.


  • Rotating, backlit advertising media that attract attention at heavily frequented city locations and offer space for staging in the most varied settings.

Special advertising forms

Have you ever walked past a City Light filled with water or danced to a popular melody in a waiting shelter? Have you ever picked fresh herbs in the city centre or participated in a City Light survey? Do you think we are exaggerating? Rest assured, we are not - it has all been done before. The creative minds of this country amaze us time and again with their unusual and innovative ideas for City Light advertisements. It never fails to surprise us as to what can be achieved with City Lights.

We see your creative ideas as an exciting challenge we are pleased to accept. City Lights provide an unusual and high-impact advertising impression, be it as a one-man show or in association with waiting shelters. Glazing and structural elements can be incorporated in the design, film applications can create special effects, and the integration of new technology such as touchpads, sound effects and Internet connectivity enable interaction with the public at large.

Book our City Lights

Did our backlit advertising media catch your attention? Then here you will find further information about booking, price details, costs, as well as display cycle information. We are happy to assist you at any time and look forward to when we can actively support you in the planning of your campaign.