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Out of Home is the supreme discipline for creatives: The sender and the message have to be recognizable in a matter of seconds. A particularly clear layout is required here!

Our Creative Heatmap tool allows you to assess the performance of your subject - whether static or digitally animated! It is ideally suited for A/B tests: Often it is the fine-tuning, the right placement of logo or text elements, that decides whether the campaign is also attention-grabbing and works.

Creative Heatmap is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence)-supported eye tracking software that uses deep learning technology to analyze your subject matter, taking into account the results of numerous real eye tracking sessions.
The data is displayed in the form of a heatmap, so you can see at a glance how your subject is received by your recipients.

Creative Heatmap can never replace creativity - but when it comes to the craft part of subject design, it can provide valuable insights for your campaign implementation!


Elsa Kenn Senior Expert Information Architecture & Data Analysis