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Innovative & Ambient Media

We make your advertising campaign unique!

Innovative media campaigns count among the most exciting fields of activity for our Gewista Competence Team and characterise outdoor advertising in Austria. In the foreground, is the implementation of offbeat ideas, whether they originate from clients, suppliers or our own company. These unique stagings of our advertising media with creative messages require a great deal of creativity and technical know-how and place logistical and legal demands on us.

That’s why we take pleasure in new challenges in the Out of Home field and encourage developments with enthusiasm. The work of our Ambient and Innovative Unit entails delivering new and creative ideas to Gewista’s clients and implementing them within the context of unusual campaigns. This includes production, installation and construction of the advertising medium.
We work with an interdisciplinary team of graphic designers, structural engineers, fitters and the logistical unit in the search for the perfect solution to your campaign. The results are really impressive: These unique advertising campaigns invoke astonishment, surprise and amazement and the best thing is: They stay in the memory.

Innovative outdoor advertising

Interest piquing and attention-grabbing.

Ambient Media is perfectly suited as a supplement to conventional advertising media such as, billboards, city lights,rolling boards etc. while ensuring creative implementations that are second to none. These advertising media are skilfully staged by the Ambient Media Unit by means of innovative advertising campaigns. The intention is to attract the attention of passers-by as potential end users and to increase their memory by piquing their interest in respect of the product or brand.

The future of this still young Ambient Media medium is full of expectation. The technical and creative possibilities, especially in combination with Digital Media, are still far from being fully exploited. As a result, there is potential in many ways in the precise accuracy target group approach, because implementations are always good for surprising the recipient.

Convince yourself of our Innovative & Ambient Media stagings.

Innovative & Ambient Media in striking images

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Do you want an advertising campaign that wows your target group and remains in the memory? Then, here you will find further information about booking and price details. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, at any time, and look forward to actively assisting you in planning and implementation.