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The challenge of good performance


Unprofessional implementation can dramatically lessen the effect of even the most creative idea or attractive motif. That is why our customers entrust the presentation of their messages to us - and we take care of the perfect Out of Home orchestration. The more complex and unusual the campaign, the more important the correct preparation becomes. A shining presentation of advertising motifs depends on a well-functioning system in the background – which is why we invest continuously in optimising our logistical processes.

By publishing billboards, Rolling Boards and City Lights bang on schedule, by monitoring Rolling Boards electronically, by using modern folding and processing machines, with a fast and flexible billboarding fleet and many other facilities, we are able to offer you the right tools to guarantee your advertising assignments are implemented punctually and efficiently. We maintain high standards that include even the simplest prerequisites, such as the proper condition and cleanliness of our advertising carriers.

The fact that we have a dedicated Gewista unit for logistics and also maintain a professional network of partners proves how important we take our background activities. Also worthy of mention in this regard are the productions that represent new, technically sophisticated and innovative media orchestrations – where the abstract spirit of invention is reflected in concrete solutions for implementation