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Outdoor Server Austria

All Gewista advertising media from the Poster (starting with the 16-sheet format), City Light and Premium Board categories, as well as all digital display sites, are recorded using OSA standards.
This makes possible client bookings on the basis of gross contacts and CPMs.  The reach measurement used in this process is the most powerful and reliable in the world.  Why?  Because it provides modeling based on frequency values, ad medium classifications, and a mobility study which shows actual advertising medium contacts rather than mere contact opportunities.  This multi-method approach takes into account not only the most precise and accurate daily frequency data (HERE road network with >3.4 million segments, including mobile phone data), but also vital mobility data based on routes and movement patterns (a finely meshed Geohash 7 Network with 5.3 million grid cells).  Outdoor Server Austria takes into account more than the various traffic modes, such as automobile traffic, pedestrian movements, etc.  OSA additionally accounts for commuter patterns and commercial traffic flow.  Therefore, with OSA, overall contact frequencies can thus be planned on an hourly basis for totally flexible and comprehensive digital advertising media applications.
The detailed location(s) of advertising media locations based on international visibility standards (POSTAR/ROUTE for analog media and FEPW/WOO for digital media) takes into account actual visibility at any time, 24/7, day or night, and evaluates account distance, format, orientation and more.  The 2023 re-launch of OSA 2022 has greatly increased the granularity of the performance value calculation.
The new browser-based Inventory Delivery System (IDS) tool enables customers and agencies to more precisely evaluate their campaigns.  Both analog and digital ad media measurements can be combined for total output of joint, net reach numbers.

Data is key.  The Austrian OSA study is a truly world-class tool, which is unmatched anywhere, and can be applied to measure valid reach data, because of its unique methodology to collect and model data. The OSA serves Gewista not only as a lever for advertisers, but also to optimize its portfolio, network and market presence. François-Xavier Pierrel Chief Data Officer, JCDecaux
OSA Siegel
Hansjörg Hosp
Hansjörg Hosp Chief Operating Officer (COO)