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VIOOH - the newest programmatic innovation in the digital booking sector

Mobility returns to normality! - Gewista is back with the further development of its digital portfolio! In June, Gewista's newest planning tool VIOOH was launched, creating a major innovation in the digital booking sector. VIOOH is an integrated planning and trading platform, which offers future customers a complete solution for automated purchasing, dynamic content display and, in the future, the programmed trading of digital inventory.

The platform is already live in 12 markets, and on track to reach 18 by the end of 2021.

Thanks to VIOOH, it is now possible to respond even better to the changing customer requirements of brands and agencies, including:

  • more flexibility in the planning and execution of DOOH, such as Dynamic Content campaigns. Dynamic Content offers targeted spot display based on various factors such as weather, time, location, etc.
  • Offer of channels: e.g., the Escalator Net, we offer these variations in the following stations: RT Stephansplatz, RT Westbahnhof, RT Schwedenplatz and RT Karlsplatz
  • Possibility of environmental targeting: A network with individual spots per frame
  • Targeting possibilities according to dayparts or package deals individual hourly and daily plays.
  • Campaign optimization through data integration: VIOOH is able to integrate numerous data sources to improve the targeting accuracy and efficiency of campaigns.
  • Thanks to OSA new (Outdoor Server Austria), we receive for the first time performance values and more pr ecise data for DOOH with unprecedented granularity and timeliness, which are also integrated into VIOOH and will enable more detailed data reporting in the future.
  • The foundation for a future programmatic DOOH planning has been established. The goal is to link the industry with the digital programmatic ecosystem in order to offer new and interesting opportunities in outdoor advertising to those customer segments that have so far been more digital and on line oriented.

The future of digital outdoor advertising is incredibly exciting and the VIOOH platform will do its part to further accelerate the growth of this medium.

Since Out Of Home is by nature a "One to Many" medium, VIOOH complies with the legal requirements of the basic data protection regulation and will always strictly implement all rules to protect the personal data of citizens and users.