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ERGO Versicherung, which specializes in insurance solutions for private and corporate customers, relies on a broad-based Out of Home media mix in cooperation with Gewista for its current marketing campaign.

In addition to classic posters, analog and digital City Lights, a megaboard at the Votivkirche church, poster dominations and transport media, are all used in the national media distribution. The campaign can be seen in public spaces in Vienna in May, 2021.

ERGO Versicherung AG is one of the leading insurance companies in Austria with a success story stretching back well over 100 years and offers a customer-oriented and needs-based product range of life, health and property/casualty insurance for both the private and commercial sectors.

In order to attract attention to the ERGO brand and its diverse portfolio of products and services, the company relies on a broad-based national Out of Home media mix in cooperation with Gewista. In addition to classic Posters, this includes analog City Lights, digital City Lights in Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt and Bregenz, a Megaboard at the Votivkirche church in Vienna, large Poster dominations and Transport Media displays.

With the new campaign, ERGO would like to ensure more cohesion and optimism in the country again and clearly communicate the message, "We support all people who want to tackle and change something," explains Christian Noisternig, ERGO Board Member responsible for Sales and Marketing. The campaign already attracted a great deal of attention in the fall of 2020 with its boldness through the reduction to one word, the ERGO brand name, and has increased ERGO's brand awareness in Austria significantly. "That's why we're continuing to rely on the media mix with a focus on billboard advertising and digital displays in this campaign," adds Noisternig.

"Now, we've gone one better and have achieved even greater visibility, for example, by extending the concept to huge, dominant spots," adds Markus Wieser, CEO of Heimat Wien, the advertising agency responsible for creating the campaign.

In the further development of the campaign, playful illustrations were also added to provide small eye-catchers and once again emphasize the thesis statement.  In addition, the campaign was expanded to include a clear invitation, "Get the GO! on"  "By this we mean that we have the right insurance for every project and we will support you in it.  Because only those who are properly insured can go forward in life carefree, without anxiety," says ERGO Board Member Christian Noisternig, elaborating on the campaign idea.

"We are pleased," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "that we were allowed to implement an Austria-wide campaign for ERGO involving a large selection of Out of Home advertising media, from Posters to analog and digital City Lights, a Megaboard and Transport Media.  The campaign‘s highlights are Poster dominances, which impressively demonstrate the strong impact that can be achieved with the classic poster, not only as a reach medium, as well as ULF brandings in a Total Look in Vienna. Here, ERGO relies on concentrated Out of Home power with a high national reach supplemented by creative implementations.  This is a memorable combination."


v.l.n.r.: Alexander Plank (Leiter Marketing ERGO), Christian Noisternig (Vertriebsvorstand ERGO), Katharina Tesch (Buying Director Havas), Andrea Groh (CSO Gewista), Annika Pansy (Marketing ERGO), Gerald Schütz (Key Account Manager Gewista)


v.l.n.r.: Christian Noisternig (Vertriebsvorstand ERGO), Alexander Plank (Leiter Marketing ERGO), Annika Pansy (Marketing ERGO)


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Published in 2021