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MERKUR is now BILLA PLUS and, thus, a very special part of the BILLA family. This special "marriage" is being solemnly announced by BILLA via a broad-based Out of Home campaign by Gewista. In a national distribution, concentrated Out of Home messaging power is used, including Gewista Rolling Boards, analog and digital City Lights, as well as Posters, plus a creative, special advertising form implemented on Posters, which impressively sets the scene for the message, "Merkur becomes BILLA PLUS and ‘marries´ into the BILLA family."

A broadly distributed Out of Home media mix throughout Austria announces that at BILLA and Merkur, which became BILLA PLUS, the prices of up to 2,000 products will be lowered and that this is the biggest price reduction ever at BILLA. The reason for this great promotion is the "marriage" of BILLA PLUS with BILLA. The message will be presented to a wide public on numerous Out of Home media by Gewista and will be featured on Rolling Boards, analog and digital City Lights as well as classic Posters. As a special campaign highlight, a special advertising form is used on the Posters, which can be seen at highly frequented hot-spots in a total of nine locations in Vienna, Graz and Salzburg. The production consists of two 24-sheet posters, which are placed next to each other at a distance of approximately two meters. On both subjects, the "wedding" of BILLA and BILLA PLUS is also depicted figuratively. On the left subject, the groom is depicted under the word BILLA, and on the right side, the bride is described as BILLA BLUS, formerly Merkur. The highlight of the special advertising form is the connection, in the form of holding hands, of the two testimonials by means of a format burst beyond the advertising media, with the motto, which translates colloquially as, "Live even more fully, together."

"We want to get the very best out of our media, and we have also optimally combined our campaign with the advertising form here. We turned two surfaces into one larger, total surface and thus effectively communicated our campaign message of “togetherness.“ Without the great interaction of BBDO, Mindshare and GEWISTA, this realization would not have been possible," said Elisabeth Strutz and Millad Shahini of Media BILLA Marketing.

"For the newly branded appearance of BILLA PLUS, we literally combined the best elements of Out of Home and developed a unique campaign spectacle. With this innovative, special advertising campaign form in 3D, we were able to set a new messaging standard," said Ursula Arnold, CEO of Mindshare.

"We are delighted," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "that we were able to implement an Austria-wide campaign for BILLA PLUS involving a wide range of Out of Home advertising media, from Rolling Boards to analog and digital City Lights and Posters. The campaign highlight is a special Poster advertising format with a 3D format blast, which impressively demonstrates that the classic Poster as a reach medium enables diverse and uniquely creative implementations that remain in the recipient's memory for a long time."



v.l.n.r.: Andrea Groh (Gewista), Elisabeth Strutz (Billa), Melanie Sigmund (Rewe Group), Millad Shahini (Billa), Gabriele Piber (Mindshare)


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Published in 2021