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Audi is promoting its new Audi RS e-tron GT vehicle as part of its current campaign and is relying on an Out of Home-media mix from Gewista to introduce this beautiful Gran Turismo model to a wide audience. In addition to digital City Lights, a new creative, special advertising form, a bus shelter branding in total look with HoloCIRCLE technology, is also being utilized. The high-impact location of this eye-catcher is prominent on Vienna's Ringstrasse, directly in front of the Opera House, where there is a continual flow of human traffic, an ideal target group, as people are driving by or waiting for the streetcar, and are receptive to the prominent message.

When pure energy and progressive performance meet perfectly-executed design, the result is the new Audi RS e-tron GT. The fully electric motors of this dream car produce a staggering 440 kW, which translates into about 598 horsepower, or a whopping 646 hp in "boost mode.“ The subject of this beautiful two-lane and land-bound vehicle with a CO2 neutral electric motor is visually framed and highlighted by the digital city lights of Gewista. These can be seen in the subway stations at Karlsplatz and Stephansplatz as well as on Vienna's number 1 shopping street, Mariahilferstrasse, and in the heart of Salzburg's old town. Another advertising staging, which follows the Audi claim "Vorsprung durch Technik," or "Leading through Technology," is a bus stop shelter staging in Total Look, using the new HoloCIRCLE technology from the Gewista Innovate Department. The waiting area functions here as a showroom, visually branded in the Audi look. On the foil brandings of the sides of the waiting area and on the City Light located inside, a female testimonial can be seen, along with the star of the staging, the new Audi RS e-tron GT.  However, the technical highlight is the presentation of the car via the new and innovative HoloCIRCLE technology. A projection of a three-dimensional Audi RS e-tron GT rotates free-floating in the showcase, which otherwise houses a City Light, offering a fascinating, eye-catching visual display to all passers-by.

"Emotional design and revolutionary technology. Both apply equally to the Audi RS e-tron GT and the Gewista implementation. The use of Gewista's HoloCIRCLE technology in outdoor advertising provides a worthy stage for our brand's first electric Gran Turismo," says Bernhard Loos, Head of Marketing Audi Austria.

"We are delighted," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "to have won Audi for a Gewista Out of Home-campaign to promote its new RS e-tron GT. In addition to digital City Lights in Vienna and Salzburg, Audi is using our new HoloCIRCLE technology which is embedded in a Total Look bus shelter branding. Bus shelter brandings with individually designed showcases at urban hot spots such as the Ringstrasse are not only unique eye-catchers, but also one of the Out of Home-forms of advertising that are retained longer in the recipient's memory due to the superlatively creative design and its emotional impact."

v.l.n.r.: Andrea Groh (Gewista CSO), Bernhard Loos (Audi), Torsten Korn (Gewista), Alexia Gasser (Audi)

Client: Audi
Agency: Porsche Media & Creative GmbH
Out of Home advertising form:
   Wartehalle im Total Look mit Holocircle-Technologie am Standort 1010 Wien, Opernring 1
   Digitale City Lights: U-Bahn-Stationen Karlsplatz, Stephansplatz, Outdoor: Mariahilferstrasse und Deluxe Netz Wien, Salzburg Deluxe Netz
Duration: 01.03-.14.03. 2021

Press contact:
Christian Brandt Di Maio
Corporate Communications Manager/Press Spokesman
Mobile: +43 664 1000 807

Published in 2021