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As part of the promotion of its new tea and bio-tea range, Meßmer is counting on a national Out-of-Home-Mediamix implemented by Gewista. In addition to billboards and City Lights, two impressive special advertising forms are being used at wide-coverage hot-spots in the city of Vienna, as well as a waiting shelter branding right on the Wiener Ringstraße and a sampling campaign at Wien Mitte. 

As part of its current campaign, Meßmer is also promoting its new tea range via an impressive Gewista Out-of-Home-Mediamix. In addition to the national distribution of billboards and City Lights, there will also be two creative, special advertising forms, implemented jointly with Gewista; a bus shelter directly opposite the Wiener Oper and a sampling campaign in the Mall, the shopping centre at Wien Mitte. The bus shelter has numerous extras on offer to draw the attention of passers-by. Apart from the colourful City Lights, which promote the new Meßmer bio-tea range, the wall surfaces of the bus shelter are also foiled and display, alongside tasty tea, the title “BIO” in the form of flowers and herbs. There are, besides colour-coordinated floor foils, individual Meßmer-branded waiting benches and the bus shelter gleams on top with a specially erected roof structure in the Meßmer style. 

As a second campaign highlight, a Meßmer-sampling-campaign took place in the shopping centre Wien Mitte – The Mall, at which the entire Meßmer tea range could be sampled. In the onsite Tea World, designed with the Meßmer Look-and-Feel, a tea machine, specially integrated in a City Light, was operated by promotional staff and hot tea was served to passers-by. 

Karin Stainer, Managing Director of Milford-Tee-Austria, commented, “For the market launch in Austria, we are counting on visibility to communicate our core values. Gewista’s special implementations bring sustainability, as well as organic and regional focus perfectly to the fore and create attention-grabbing touch points to awaken the consumer’s interest in the new tea brand on the shelves that bring 150 years of tea expertise to Austria”.

“City Light is the perfect carrier medium for staging the vibrancy of the Meßmer brand in the cityscape. Meßmer is setting new standards on the Austrian tea market. We take this into consideration with the Gewista special implementations and sampling, so that people have a powerful first impression of the new star on the tea shelf”, added FuchsundFreude owner Stephanie Fuchs-Groszmann.

“We are extremely pleased to have acquired Meßmer for a large-scale Out-of-Home presence”, says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh. “The selected campaign highlights, a waiting shelter staging directly opposite the Wiener Oper and a sampling campaign in Wien Mitte – The Mall, are both eye-catching and creative productions at top hot-spots that the Gewista Design & Innovate-Unit develop and implement in conjunction with our clients and will remain in the memory of recipients for a long time.”
Meßmer Wartehalle Sonderwerbeform
Meßmer Wartehalle Sonderwerbeform
Meßmer Sampling-Aktion
Meßmer Sampling-Aktion
Meßmer Sampling-Aktion
Meßmer Sampling-Aktion
Meßmer Sampling-Aktion

Client: Messmer
Agency: FuchsundFreude 
Media agency: FuchsundFreude
Form of advertising/ Out of Home media mix:
Billboards and City Lights in national distribution
Bus shelter branding at the " Staatsoper Wien" location in total look with City Lights, foils on the wall surfaces and on the floor incl. roof construction.
Sampling campaign with City Light, promoters and tea tasting
Campaign period: 24.10 - 6.11.2019; 9.01.- 22.01.2020

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Published in 2020