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A1 Telekom Austria, the leading fixed and mobile network company in Austria, promotes its Christmas campaign featuring 5G-capable smartphones and associated rates via Gewista's Out of Home-media. In addition to classic city lights, a creative special form of advertising, a bus shelter branding in total look with a Christmas-themed surprise 3D effect is also being used. This high-reach eye-catcher is located directly on Vienna's Ringstrasse near the Opera.
During the Christmas season in the time of social distancing, non-contact communication is becoming more and more important.  It might be a video call with Christmas greetings to colleagues or a Facetime phone call with a dear family member or partner. Both work even better with the new A1 5GigaMobil X-mas rates launched by A1. The 5G-capable smartphones come with great savings offers.  A1 is communicating this via the associated campaign, not only via City Lights, but also by means of a bus shelter branding on the Ringstrasse near the Vienna Opera House. The glass surfaces of the bus shelter waiting area, which are completely wrapped in with A1 imagery, attract the attention of passers-by, and a classic City Light, which is also wrapped in foil, shows a new 5G-capable smartphone offered for free with a contract. The highlight of the staging -- a showcase built into a City Light -- provides a special surprise effect.  In the middle of the display, passers-by can look "into" the scene with 3D perspective at floating glitter elements which are circulated by built-in fans. A1's Christmas offer is staged in an eye-catching way, making it obvious that it's the Christmas season.
"We like to use new, creative ideas in our messaging. This bus shelter branding convinced us of its effectiveness.  It fits wonderfully into our current Christmas-themed campaign.  It's both very atmospheric and surprising at the same time. Our goal is to use it to convey the Christmas spirit to passers-by," says Marco Harfmann, Director A1 Marketing Communications, about the special implementation.
"This bus shelter branding is an attention-grabbing and innovative implementation that perfectly complements our X-Mas campaign for A1 this year and creates a 5Glittering Christmas mood to off-set the gray days of December," adds Johanna Knaus, Etat Director at GGK.
And, Jakob Schönherr, Managing Director at dentsu X adds, "The attention-grabbing special implementation is a perfect complement to A1's high-reach X-Mas campaign."
"A1," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "has chosen an impressive special advertising form, a Total Look bus shelter branding, in addition to classic City Lights, to promote its Christmas campaign. Bus shelter brandings with individually designed showcases at urban hot spots such as the Ringstrasse are not only unique eye-catchers, but also one of the Out of Home-forms of advertising that remain in the recipient's memory for a long time due to their especially creative design and emotional impact."

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Vlnr.: Michaela Frei (dentsu X), Diana Haidin (GGK Mullenlowe), Matthias Simperl (A1), Johanna Knaus (GGK Mullenlowe), Marco Harfmann (A1), Natalie Neumüller (A1), Andrea Groh (CSO Gewista)

Client: A1, Natalie Neumüller, Marco Harfmann, Matthias Simperl
Media agency: dentsu, Michaela Frei
Creative agency: GGK MULLENLOWE, Johanna Knaus, Diana Haidin

Out of Home advertising formCity Lights und Wartehallen Sonderwerbeform im Total Look mit City Light und Windmaschinen Showcase mit Glitzer
Duration: 17.12.2020-23.12.2020

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Corporate Communications Manager/Press Spokesman
e-mail: christian.brandt-dimaio@gewista.at
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Published in 2020