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Programmatic OOH-

at the right time, at the right place, with the right message.

Digitalization arrived in the midst of the Austrian life experience during the late 2010s and is constantly evolving and changing how the world develops and is perceived. Consumer behavior has long shown that familiar buying patterns are breaking down.  In this evolving digital era, people now go to comparison platforms instead of travel agencies.  They now independently select, book and make travel arrangements in the blink of an eye. Programmatic advertising simplifies the booking of advertising, similar to the way in which comparison and purchase platforms on the Internet have revolutionized commerce. With Programmatic OOH by Gewista, there is now also the possibility to book Austria's most valuable outdoor advertising inventory programmatically for your advertising messages.


Programmatic Best Cases

Nach den ganzen Fakten und Informationen zu Programmatic OOH by Gewista haben wir ein paar Beispiele. 

Technologically, methodically and qualitatively,

not only on top, but also with an eye on tomorrow.

All of the top digital formats in the Gewista network can be programmatically targeted. Via VIOOH, the leading Supply Sided Platform (SSP), we have technology that is used in 15 markets worldwide and is connected to all common Demand Sided Platforms (DSP). This enables us to bring the world of outdoor advertising closer to the marketing repertoire of digital-first customers in particular.

Methodologically, Programmatic OOH by Gewista is based on the brand-new Outdoor Server Austria (OSA). With OSA, for the first time in Austria, precisely measured reach for outdoor advertising can be presented at the task level. The granularity and accuracy of the reach data not only represent the gold standard of measurability in Austria, but are also unmatched internationally. OSA reach data assures advertisers that reach figures which are purchased can actually be met, not just theoretically, but with the most accurate approximation in the world of precise figures.

Quality is at the core of everything we do. By applying our Programmatic OOH, Gewista provides the complete inventory of imaging screens for programmatic booking. The network is characterized by strong reach at all levels, made possible by the best placed locations, in the most frequent high-traffic places in Austria. As a result, Gewista guarantees customers absolutely brand-safe environments.


Our digital spearhead for digital-first customers

Programmatic OOH by Gewista is a major step forward for us to approach the Austrian digital economy. With programmatic possibilities, we are not simply putting a new coat of paint on familiar, traditional processes.  On the contrary, from the outset, we have put fresh digital possibilities at the forefront and have appropriately adapted to them. We strive to set a new level digital standards with fresh, imaginative approaches in order to solve customers' problems creatively utilizing leading-edge technology as our tool.

With the technological possibilities of Programmatic OOH by Gewista, we enable the market to do many things that have long since become commonplace in digital (banner and video advertising): Flexibility, speed, relevance.

“Once created, activated on demand."

Programmatic booking of campaigns is just a click away, once an advance agreement is in place.  We see this as a great asset and a competitive advantage for our clients, enabling them to be able to set up campaigns one time and then activate them again and again. This saves a lot of time for all parties and allows significant flexibility and immediacy due to the time saved.

Booking programmatically begins with contacting us. In collaboration, we then discuss the most sensible way to work together and, ultimately, plan and strategize our respective booking and allocation platforms (DSP & SSP). From this point on, you can access our inventory live and then display advertising on demand whenever you want to activate an advertising medium that we have pre-prepared.

Because of the time savings on all sides, in the world’s most technologically advanced country, the USA, more than 80% of all digital banner and video ads are now already booked programmatically.

We keep it simple so that everyone (else) can also keep it simple.



  • We are programmatically connected via the SSP VIOOH
  • Connected to all common demand-sided platforms in the marketplace
  • All high-format digital display screens are available programmatically at the screen group level
  • The 10-second spot familiar in direct DOOH is also the standard format in programmatic booking. Spots are subject to the same constraints as direct bookings
  • Data targeting is currently only possible on the DSP side via post-targeting. Preset pre-targeting will be possible later in the year.
  • Situational targeting, such as location, time, weather and special events are possible
  • Real-time inventory.  No pre-targeted packages
  • Precise reach, powered by Outdoor Server Austria
  • Purchasing & billing on CPM logic (sometimes also CPT/Cost per Thousand)
  • Programmatic OOH is displayed on a stationary screen despite the digital connection, and is therefore subject to the Austrian advertising levy
  • Not a replacement for direct bookings, but a supplement for repetitive campaign logics, strongly data-driven campaigns, interlacing with mobile advertising and campaign optimization in self-service


Kick-Off-Event for „programmatic ooh by Gewista“

Austria's Out of Home market leader, Gewista, showcased the diverse world of its programmatic advertising capabilities at the kick-off event at Erste Campus, on May 13, 2022.

Florian Wagner, CDO Gewista
Florian Wagner Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
Andreas Miksik Gewista
Andreas Miksik Key Account Manager Programmatic Advertising