OSA Outdoor Server Autria

Outdoor Server Austria

The new measuring and analysis system for the entire outdoor advertising: The Outdoor Server Austria - abbreviated OSA - was launched on January 1, 2013. After intensive data collection, research and evaluation, the data from OSA is now available for national campaigns. This replaces the previous assessment by the Plakatwertung Österreich (PWÖ).

The Outdoor Server Austria measures the contacts of the advertising media's poster and poster pillars, city lights and city light pillars, scrolling posters (poster lights, rolling boards) as well as large surfaces (big boards, mega boards, prism displays). This procedure facilitates:

  • the planning of outdoor advertising campaigns according to contact and thousand contact price (TCP)
  • the evaluation and analysis of the performance values of campaigns, with the use of net reach in the desired target groups
  • international comparability
  • intra media comparability

All relevant information concerning licenses, training, and quarterly updates as well as a video introduction to the planning tool are available on the website at

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Hansjörg Hosp Chief Operating Officer (COO)