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Outdoor advertising creates RANGE!


OOH offers rapid reach build-up, as well as a high contact repeat rate - a real unique selling point in the increasingly segmented media landscape.

Outdoor advertising reaches even hard-to-reach target groups - and does so multiple times and at different touchpoints.

Outdoor Advertising is HIGHLY VISIBLE!


The great variety and continuous visibility makes outdoor advertising an unavoidable medium.

OOH is ALWAYS where the target group moves - in the highly frequented, urban environment. The perception of outdoor advertising is unavoidable thanks to luminosity and moving images. Real advertising media meet real people. No blockers, no bots.

Outdoor advertising enables ACCURATE PLANNING!


OOH campaigns can be planned precisely and flexibly thanks to national, regional and local accuracy. 

Individual location selection makes target group-relevant distribution possible. Know your target group and advertise where (new) customers like to be. Because everyone passes us by. 

Outdoor advertising is ACCEPTED!


Unlike many advertising media, outdoor advertising does not impose itself. It enjoys the highest likeability ratings of all advertising channels.

Out of Home has become part of a modern cityscape. Huge OOH spaces can be found in the world's metropolises. This form of advertising meets with a high level of acceptance among the population and thus generates credibility.

Outdoor advertising strengthens the IMAGE!

A campaign that is advertised in public spaces not only creates (brand) awareness, but also strengthens trust in companies, brands and products.

The brand experience of the target group is intensified through everyday presence. Moving images and interactivity of an advertisement attract particularly much attention and thus provide a different kind of visibility.  


Outdoor advertising creates PUBLICITY!


In addition to subjective individual perception, outdoor advertising has become a part of social perception and achieves collective attention. Two in one fell swop.

OOH advertising is the only great "we" medium: messages are perceived collectively and thus also acquire a collective meaning. 

Outdoor advertising activates & SELLS!


Outdoor advertising inspires online and offline: Research, forwarding, spontaneous purchase and builds brand images.

OOH activates and sets buying impulses along the customer journey: outdoor advertising is located in the immediate proximity of points of sale and is thus the key medium shortly before the consumer's moment of purchase.

Outdoor advertising as a BOOSTER in the marketing mix!


In any marketing mix, outdoor advertising is an absolute must. OOH has the unique power to maximize reach and compensate for the reach losses of other media. It also accelerates campaigns and closes target group gaps.

Outdoor advertising also reinforces the impact of other media channels through the frequent visual repetitions and is also the ideal seasonal supplement, because OOH knows no summer slump!

Outdoor advertising creates CONVERGENCE!


Contact with outdoor advertising often takes place in waiting situations. This promotes engagement with mobile as well as digital media and thus enables campaign extension in the digital space.

OOH TO MOBILE shows an evolution of interaction possibilities from advertising in public spaces to Internet sites or an online offering.


Franz Solta, CEO Gewista
Franz Solta Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Andrea Groh Chief Sales Officer (CSO)