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Why outdoor advertising is definitely right for your campaign.


Tailored advertising

Thanks to the diverse application options of outdoor advertising, it offers tailored solutions for individual customer needs and guarantees the highest level of attention in the target group: whether you are impressed by classic advertising media such as, billboards, Rolling Boards, City Lights, long-term advertising, transport media with continuous quality or you are convinced by special advertising forms and Digital City Lights with technical features, the product portfolio speaks for itself.


Extensive coverage

In addition to its versatility, the placement at highly-frequented urban and rural locations, at city centre hotspots, main traffic routes and top shopping miles is an argument for coverage through high visitor frequencies. And that is throughout Austria: From the metro stations in Vienna to the Mariahilfer Strasse and exclusive locations in Austria’s state capitals, the extensive presence of the advertising medium ensures optimal placement of your campaign. The use of the outdoor advertising medium is accurately plannable (national, regional, local) and ensures the highest level of attention through flamboyant stagings. Outdoor advertising gets through to difficult to reach target groups and even reaches people several times a day and remains in the memory.

Outdoor advertising with sense and feeling

Out of Home is advertising for all the senses: Whether it’s sight, smell, hearing, feeling or taste, outdoor advertising has the right permutation for any reason or occasion. While waiting shelters beguile the nose with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee, the latest materials are felt on the billboard or intensely colourful stagings catch the eye, outdoor advertising remains in the memory and works!

Advertising from one source.

For those who want to build brand awareness and trust, outdoor advertising, with its versatile advertising media, is the ideal choice! We will gladly assist with longstanding expertise and act true to the motto “Everything from one source”.
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Franz Solta Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Andrea Groh CSO
Andrea Groh Chief Sales Officer (CSO)