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Mouth and nose protection masks are now a part of everyday life and provide protection especially in situations where many people meet in closed buildings or in confined spaces, such as public transportation. For this reason, Gewista is implementing an interactive sensitization campaign for Zalando, through which free mouth and nose protection masks, also called oral nasal masks, are distributed in a creative way via special productions in bus shelters.

At six highly frequented bus shelter locations in Vienna, Gewista is implementing for Zalando a special advertising sensitization campaign on the topic of mouth and nose protection. Under the motto "Na Oida! No Way! Forget your mask? Wearing is caring." Just before boarding public transportation, people are reminded to wear an oral nasal protection mask. For those who have forgotten theirs, Zalando offers a remedy. Total Look foils on the bus shelter's glass surfaces in combination with City Lights are an optical eye catcher for the written message and the City Lights device inside acts as a mask dispenser. On the City Lights, a female testimonial symbolically hands out an oral nasal protection mask which is also physically easy to get. Passersby can simply access their own Zalando Landing Page by scanning a QR Code on the subject, using their smart phone or tablet. By pressing the Zalando button that appears there, individually packaged mouth and nose protection masks are dispensed in real time from a dispenser on the City Lights device. Now, nothing stands in the way of a trip via public transportation system or any other place where a mouth and nose protection mask is required. The bus stop shelter staging is supported in the Out Of Home media mix with classic City Lights, which point to the subjects of the bus stop shelters located in the vicinity, including address information.

"Zalando," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "uses bus stop shelters at highly frequented locations throughout Vienna for his interactive mouth and nose protection mask promotion and points to them via a City Lights mapping. This unique program directly links social responsibility with highly creative Gewista Out Of Home special advertising. We are pleased to develop and implement such impressive advertising productions together with our customers, which will be remembered by the recipient for a long time by giving him or her a multi value give away as well as promoting health and safety.“

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Client: Zalando
Media agency: Media1
Out of Home advertising form/media mix in Vienna:
Bus stop shelter branding in a total look with City Lights, foil and mouth and nose protection mask dispenser
Bus stop shelter locations in Vienna:
1010 Universitätsring opposite 2
1010 Opernring 1
1010 Stubenring 4
1010 Julius
Raab Platz v. Urania
1070 Siebensterngasse 31
1040 Operngasse 36
Classical City Lights in Vienna
Campaign duration: September 17th – September 30th, 2020

Press contact:
Christian Brandt Di Maio
Corporate Communications Manager
Mobile: +43 664 10 00 807



Published in 2020