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July 2020

In connection with the promotion of the feature film "Nightshift," which began as a TV crime series of the same title, A1 Telekom Austria (A1) is utilizing a Gewista City Light campaign. In addition to classic Gewista City Lights, a special Gewista City Lights campaign with additional creative production elements is being used at high traffic hot spots in Vienna. Plus, Gewista's illuminated advertising media offer an acoustic surprise.

Last year "Nightshift" was produced as a neo noir crime series by A1now, the new TV channel with content from Austria (A1now.tv), and received great applause from the local film scene. Because the idea and execution played together so ingeniously and especially because a feature film attracts an even larger audience, the feature film version was shot promptly. The new cinematic masterpiece will be shown as a TV premiere on July 23rd at 8:15 pm on A1now and will be available for free streaming on a1now.tv thr oughout Austria starting the same day. The promotion of the film using OOH is done via classic Gewista City Lights along with Gewista City Lights special advertising formats. The display shows a public pay phone with the lettering "Nightshift," which is illuminated with a special background twilight effect. As an added dynamic element, a motion detector is integrated which, when triggered, makes a telephone ring and then a voice announces the TV premiere of the film on A1now.

Nina Nawara, Head of Communications & Campaigning at A1now, says about the Gewista OOH measures, "The forms of advertising that we created in partnership with Gewista are ideal for promoting our first feature film. Being able to bring the anonymous voice from the phone booth depicted in the film into physical reality has very strong marketing impact, because it involves passers by and and makes them a part of the story. The fact that you can also call the phone number on the posters completes the campaign by attracting the audience on all channels. We are particularly proud of the interplay of the dark subject design and the cultish audio effect. Because of this dynamic Gewista campaign, we are confident that the film will get the attention it deserves!"

"We are pleased," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "to have won A1now for a City Light campaign with a Design & Innovate special advertising format. The selected audio campaign highlight, in addition to a classic City Light distribution in Vienna, includes a City Light special production at 10 locations that was developed and implemented together with A1now. The combined features, ambient light and audio information triggered by motion detectors, will surely be remembered by passers by for a long time!"

Vlnr: Christian Gstöttner (CEO Obscura), Anna Huber (Director Communication Consultant dentsu X), Kathrin Buchinger (Communication Consultant dentsu X), Andrea Groh (Gewista), Mirjam Trampert (Account Management Obscura), Nina Nawara (Head of Communications & Campaigning) und Jasmin Dickinger (Head of A1now)

Client: A1now
Agency: Obscura (creative agency), dentsu X Austria (media agency)
Out Of Home advertising form/media mix: Classic City Lights in Vienna and City Lights with special advertising form plotted light effect and soundspot at 10 locations.
Duration: July 16th to July 29th, 2020

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Christian Brandt Di Maio
Corporate Communications Manager/Press Spokesman
e mail: christian.brandt dimaio@gewista.at
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