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July 2020

In its current messaging campaign, automobile maker Renault advertises its new 100% electric Renault ZOE via a Gewista Out Of Home media mix. In addition to the national distribution of Gewista Rolling Boards and City Lights, a special form of advertising, created in partnership with Gewista, is being used on a bus stop shelter on the Vienna Ringstraße boulevard directly across from the Rathaus, the Vienna City Hall. This bus stop shelter offers many extras, all of which attract the attention of passers by. In addition to the Gewista City Lights, which display the new Renault ZOE, the wall surfaces of the bus shelter are also covered with dynamic Renault ZOE images.

The ceiling of the bus stop shelter is also branded with color coordinated foil visuals. Not only are the additional reflective stripes on the glass panels truly attention getting, the City Light also offers special lighting effects. The new Renault ZOE captures public attention via its brilliant light show. As a service goody, a kind of "electric extra," which reinforces the electric identity of the Renault ZOE, there is a USP charging connection positioned directly within the Renault ZOE logo. This USB port is available for all passers by for free at this Renault ZOE City Light display, so they can charge their mobile devices while waiting for the streetcar.

Mathieu Prigent, Head of Advertising, Renault Austria, said, "The Renault ZOE has been the best selling electric car in Austria since its introduction and sales figures for 2020 are increasing very positively. In order to continue to build upon our Renault ZOE electric leadership position in Austria, we know that regular, high impact communication is a vital key to success. Because of this campaign in cooperation with Gewista, we expect that many Austrians will switch to electric mobility with the Renault ZOE."

"We are very pleased," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "to have won Renault ZOE for a broad Out Of Home presence. The selected campaign highlight, a highly visual bus stop shelter promotion on the Ringstraße boulevard directly in front of the Vienna City Hall, is a special, creative positioning at a top hot spot, which the Gewista Design & Innovate unit develops and implements together with our clients for long lasting public recall of their brand and product."

from left to right: Eva Kneissl & Bianca Beyer (OMD), Mathieu Prigent (Renault), Andrea Groh (Gewista) und Ute Kronawetter (Vice)
From left to right:  Eva Kneissl & Bianca Beyer (OMD), Mathieu Prigent (Renault), Torsten Korn (Gewista) und Ute Kronawetter (Vice)
Mathieu Prigent (Renault)

Media Agency: OMD
Creative Agency: VIRTUE Austria
Out Of Home advertising form/media mix:
Bus stop shelte r branding in a total look with City Lights and foils, light staging at the City
Light and the bus stop shelter as well as USB charging plugs at the City Light at the
Universitätsring opposite the Vienna City Hall
Rolling Boards and City Lights in national distribution
Duration: July 9th to July 22nd , 2020

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Published in 2020