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Gewista is expanding its product portfolio with another transport media solution sure to create a stir: the sampling area. Initially situated at the busy Stephansplatz metro station, the sampling area hosts targeted sampling campaigns and can be booked immediately in conjunction with Gewista’s Digital City Lights. Almdudler and NÖM are already early adopters.

Metro stations already offer a diverse array of advertising opportunities. These range from using different variations of Digital City Lights to brand areas – where branded wrapping is applied to walls, integrating Digital City Lights – and now extending to the new sampling areas. The sampling area consists of the Digital City Lights in Stephansplatz metro station, which can be booked in combination with three fixed locations where passers-by can enjoy product samples. The combination of advertisements on Digital screens clearly visible from the sampling locations has already won over Almdudler and NÖM, who have become early adopters of this form of advertising. What’s more, the three sampling areas are positioned by the station exits, meaning that promotional staff can conveniently serve sample materials to passing commuters without interrupting their journey. During its distribution periods, which are freely selectable from Monday to Friday, Almdudler gave out more than 3,000 units of the new Almdudler Grapefruit, Raspberry and Elderberry flavours in small 250ml sampling bottles. During its event, NÖM distributed 5,000 units of its new PRO drinks and the new NÖM PRO curd cream to passers-by. In addition to the Stephansplatz metro station location, bookings for sampling areas at further stations will open in the near future.

Almdudler was the first customer to identify the potential of this new opportunity: “Almdudler is at the heart of life, is naturally authentic and defies expectations. This is why we’re always trying to reinterpret our brand and find new, surprising ways to reach our customers and get them excited about our product. An unprecedented sampling event inside the metro station at Stephansplatz thus fit perfectly into our “Passt zu Alm” (Suits Alm / Suits Everyone) campaign. We were delighted by the opportunity to surprise our target audience with a little refreshment by offering three Almdudler varieties, namely Raspberry, Elderberry and the newly released Grapefruit flavour. Combined with the Almdudler commercials shown on the station’s screens, we drew considerable attention to Almdudler’s refreshing products among a wide audience and received great feedback from the metro drivers. Thank you to Gewista and Wiener Linien for the successful implementation and collaboration,” said Claus Hofmann-Credner, Head of Marketing at Almdudler.  

Erik Hofstädter of NÖM added: “Here at NÖM, our marketing initiatives focus above all on achieving the greatest possible coverage in the metropolitan area of Vienna. So, the opportunity to offer samples of our products at Stephansplatz metro station – one of Austria’s busiest places – together with advertisements on Digital City Lights is perfectly tailored to our requirements. We’re happy to have been one of the first brands to use this new location.”
“I am delighted to present our new sampling area to the advertising industry and, in Almdudler and NÖM, to have gained two premium brands as the area’s first clients,” said Gewista CSO Andrea Groh. She continued: “The sampling area can be booked immediately in conjunction with our brand area, allowing clients to integrate all advertising options in the metro station, including branded wrappings. Whether in combination or as a stand-alone solution, all of our area advertising formats in metro stations create a striking marketing presence capable of reaching hundreds of thousands of commuters every day and creating a lasting impression.”

Almdudler Sampling-Area

Almdudler Sampling Presse
Vlnr.: Dominik Riedmüller (Gewista), Torsten Korn (Gewista), Jasmin Krompaß (Product Managerin Almdudler), Despina Parlicheva (UM PanMedia), Patricia Hickelsberger (UM PanMedia)
Vlnr.: Patricia Hickelsberger (UM PanMedia), Despina Parlicheva (UM PanMedia), Dominik Riedmüller (Gewista), Jasmin Krompaß (Product Managerin Almdudler), Torsten Korn (Gewista)
Almdudler Sampling

NÖM Sampling-Area

NÖM Sampling
NÖM Sampling
NÖM Sampling

Client:  Almdudler / NÖM
Special form of advertising:
Sampling area:
Digital City Lights at Stephansplatz
Three sampling locations on level 1, each with two promotional staff

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Corporate Communications Manager
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Published in 2019