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“ratiopharm® Gute Preise. Gute Besserung.” is probably one of the most well-known claims in German speaking markets and enjoys cult status. The ratiopharm® brand has been successfully represented on the Austrian pharmaceutical market since 1958 (at that time still Ludwig Merckle Ges.m.b.H), and is promoting its campaign on the theme of women’s health and its broad product range, by way of a Gewista Transport Media-Out of Home Mediamix.

ULF and metro brandings count among the most popular Transport Media advertising forms and are a colourful component of the cityscape. ratiopharm® uses moving, popular figures by means of foil branding for its current campaign with the main focus on women’s health. The diverse product range of ratiopharm® is attractively showcased around female testimonials on the topic.

“In Austria, ratiopharm® (www.ratiopharm.at) specializes in the distribution of generic drugs, research-intensive biological products, original preparations, as well as OTC (over the counter) products. Our range covers virtually all areas of application and is one of the largest and most extensive on the Austrian market. Because being healthy is our most important asset. With our broad range of products of diverse scope, we would like to contribute to your health and are pleased to be able to present some of these  products by means of the ULF and metro brandings.” ratiopharm® on the Out of Home campaign.

“Transport Media advertising forms”, says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, “provide an impressive promotional presence which reaches thousands of passers-by daily and remains in the memory for a long time. We are pleased that Ratiopharm is counting on Gewista for the promotion of its campaign.”
Vlnr.: Patricia Kiefer (Ratiopharm), Rainer Eschrich (Gewista), Sandra Gad-Malijebtou (Eumedia), Katharina Thamm (Eumedia)
ratiopharm 2
Ratiopharm ULF

Client: Ratiopharm
Media Agency: Eumedia
Advertising Form: ULF and metro – foil branding

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Corporate Communications Manager/Press Officer
E-Mail: christian.brandt-dimaio@gewista.at
Mobile: +43 664 10 00 807

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Published in 2019