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In cooperation with MediaCom, Mionetto relies on a sparkling Out of Home media mix by Gewista. The eponymous Prosecco, which is named after Francesco Mionetto, will not only be seen in Vienna on analog and digital City Lights displays, but also via creative, special advertising formats, bus shelter branding displays in Total Look as well as City Lights with 2D format blasts.

Founded in 1887 by Francesco Mionetto out of his love and passion for wine-growing and for his homeland, Mionetto Prosecco continues to provide a relaxed Mediterranean attitude toward life with a keen awareness of quality and a fine sense of lifestyle trends. This attitude about life is now staged together with Gewista via a Vienna-wide Out of Home media mix, which fulfills the intended goal of our media planning, to put Mionetto in the limelight in an attention-getting way, bringing the Italian attitude toward life to Austria.

In all of the advertising media, a Mionetto Prosecco bottle is stylisly displayed along with two female testimonials, surrounded by seaside images, all of which combine to evoke a desire for “la  Dolce Vita, or “the sweet life.“ As a special advertising highlight, three bus stop shelter branding displays in Total Look, with film segments and City Lights, are used along Vienna's high-traffic Ringstrasse Boulevard. The icing on the cake, topping off the production, is the Italian musical classic “Lasciatemi Cantare by Toto Cutugno, which can be heard discreetly by passers-by in the background, emenating from a sound module. Additional "stars" of the media mix are five City Lights displays at top locations in Vienna, all of which are equipped with a 2D format visual blast in the shape of a Mionetto Prosecco bottle.  The overall result?  The Mionetto brand truly lives up to its reputation of being "More than just a Prosecco" in advertising terms as well as being an enjoyable grand libation.

"More than just a Prosecco" perfects the feeling of freedom that we have been longing for after the COVID restrictions and prepares us for a particularly great start to the summer, especially with the re-opening of restaurants, cafes and bars.  At Gewista, according to the MediaCom client consulting team and Chief Client Officer Elisabeth Plattensteiner, “We are especially pleased to have conceived and implemented this integrated and dynamic Out of Home production with our client, Henkell Freixenet, and the marketing colleagues of Gewista and the creative agency. The sound shower module, alone, is something very special and an absolute highlight. All premium locations were handpicked and optimized by the impact and the reach of the accompanying City Lights campaign. The overall message?  Enjoy life with a glass of Mionetto Prosecco!“

"The premium Prosecco brand Mionetto is the trendy drink for Italian-style joie de vivre. This year in particular, it is important to plan the summer campaign with Mionetto in a more coordinated and targeted manner, more than ever before, in order to address the target group with the most appropriate messages and, at the same time, to inspire them. The duo-sensual communication in the bus stop waiting areas utilizes sounds to whisk passers-by away to a dreamy Italy.  The overall concept is intended to make ‘La Dolce Vita‘ more tangible," says Philipp Gattermayer, Managing Director of Henkell Freixenet Austria.

"Henkell Freixenet," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "has relied on a diverse and comprehensive Out of Home media mix to stage the Prosecco Mionetto brand. The combination of analog and digital City Lights, and advertising highlights such as bus stop shelter branding displays in Total Look, as well as format-blasting City Lights, add up to an impressive mix of concentrated Out of Home impact, which will long be remembered by the recipients, especially due to the power of the combined creative techniques."

v.l.n.r.: Andrea Groh (CSO Gewista ), Philipp Gattermayer (Geschäftsführer Henkell-Freixenet Austria Gmbh), Marlene Glose (Leitung Marketing Henkell-Freixenet Austria Gmbh), Rainer Eschrich (Key Account Manager Gewista), Daniela Ertl (Client Service Consultant Mediacom)



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Published in 2021