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BENEFUL is a brand of dry dog food from Purina, which is known for high quality pet food.  In its current campaign, BENEFUL has created a very special "treat" for all four-legged “dog darlings“ and their owners, who are very active out of the home. Gewista has implemented a special staging for BENEFUL on advertising pillars and also promotes BENEFUL with a Vienna-wide City Light campaign.

"We two are the best team" can be read on 5 advertising pillars in Vienna, all of which are placed at high-traffic locations. BENEFUL is featured on posters on advertising pillars by Gewista with attached “doggie play balls“ and invites all dog owners to pick a ball for play with their darling dog pets. This friendly Out of Home campaign is complemented by a Vienna-wide City Light campaign.

"At BENEFUL, the focus is on the relationship between dog and dog owner. Shared experiences connect them and bring shared joy to everyday life. In order for them to grow even closer together as a couple, we are offering them a free ball with our current BENEFUL campaign. The eye-catching advertising columns not only showcase the BENEFUL-branded balls, but also communicate the variety of BENEFUL products. This allows us to position BENEFUL dry dog food as the perfect combination of balanced nutrition and great taste," says Birgit Zeiper, Junior Brand Manager, Purina BENEFUL.

"We are especially pleased," said Denise Waringer, Senior Client Service Manager at UM PanMedia, "to partner with our client Purina BENEFUL and with Gewista to implement this creatively playful campaign this year. Purina BENEFUL appeals not only to human bipeds, but also to their four-legged friends through the free, removable dog balls. In addition to a classic City Light and digital campaign, we create an additional charming and strong campaign message.  Of course, the question is, who will be faster at fetching the balls?  Dog or dog owner?"

"Gewista Out of Home is tailor-made," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh. "Regardless of what an Out of Home medium or budget it is," Groh continued, "we can create individualized, special advertising formats for it. In the case of BENEFUL, this is a passive but inviting sampling of dog playballs attached to classic billboard display columns.  The invitation via this advertising medium to pick up a multi-value give-away for one's four-legged friend emotionalizes, enables and promotes long-term customer brand loyalty. The campaign, supplemented by a City Light campaign, completes this strategically designed Out of Home media mix in a way that boosts reach and impact."

f.l.t.r: Caroline Gregorich (Senior Project Manager, Division 4), Michael Reiser (Senior Key Account Manager, Gewista), Birgit Zeiper (Junior Brand Manager, Purina BENEFUL), Andrea Groh (CSO, Gewista), Denise Waringer (Senior Client Service Manager, UM PanMedia)

Client: Nestlé Purina Petcare
Media agency: UM PanMedia Kommunikationsberatung und Mediaeinkauf GmbH
Creative agency: Division 4 communication GmbH
Out of Home Mediamix/national:
5 advertising pillars / 24 sheets in Vienna with sampling of dog playballs: 30.06-.13.07. 2021
City Lights in Vienna: 01.07-14.07 2021

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Philip Haubner
Head of Marketing
Email: philip.haubner@gewista.at
Mobile: +43 676 6968544

Published in 2021