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To promote the new flagship boutique under the name Nespresso Atelier, the Nespresso “coffee experience´´ company, relies on transport media staging by Gewista, that is, a brand area in combination with digital City Lights located in the subway station at Stephansplatz, the perfect focus for Point-of-Sale.  In the Gewista Out of Home media mix, digital City Lights are also used in the Gewista Deluxe network, employing highly visible digital screens at top, high-traffic locations in Vienna's city center.

Gewista's Brand Areas are Transport Media stagings that allow for expansive foil wall-coverings in Vienna's largest subway stations and are perfectly complemented with the integration of digital City Lights. Nespresso uses this form of advertising at Vienna's most highly-trafficked subway station for the attention-grabbing staging of their newly designed flagship Nespresso boutique at Kärntnerstraße No. 9. The digital City Lights displays inform passers-by of the unique design concept and the extensive shopping experience that is offered at the nearby Nespresso Atelier, while skillfully staging the focal points of "coffee expertise" and "customer service."  The creative agency Good Life Crew is responsible for the creation of the concepts.

"I am particularly pleased," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "that we were able to win a strong, top brand such as Nespresso for a brand-area implementation. The branding of the subway stations at selected premium areas in combination with our digital City Lights offers an impressive advertising presence, which in total reaches hundreds of thousands of passers-by every day and is remembered for a long time. This advertising highlight is perfectly complemented by digital City Lights in the Vienna city center. All message elements are perfectly placed around the new Nespresso Atelier and point the way to the Point-of-Sale for the purchase of Nespresso products."

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Christian Brandt Di Maio
Corporate Communications Manager/Press Spokesman
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Published in 2021