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December 10, 2021: During the current campaign, many companies are adjusting their advertising messages to make a call for getting vaccinated. Gewista also joins the campaign and additionally offers Austrian companies advertising space if they join.

Gewista CEO Franz Solta commented, "The current lockdown greatly affects us all.  That is just one of many reasons why we believe we should actively engage against the Corona pandemic.  More importantly, each of us can make an important contribution to significantly improve the situation for everyone and sustainably lessen the consequences of the Corona situation.  And, that includes getting vaccinated.”

Gewista wants to offer a platform for Austria's advertisers and the creative industry as well as all interested clients and companies to additionally support the on-going pro-vaccination campaigns. Many companies have already updated their messages for the campaign.  To broaden communication of the campaign, Gewista now offers support in the form of advertising space, production and installation.

In Germany, more than 150 companies have already joined the campaign, and more continue to join. The hashtags for social media reach are more than just symbolic, such as #ZusammenGegenCorona, #FCKCorona and #WirImpfenUnsDenWegFrei. In English, #TogetherAgainstCorona, #F*ckCorona and #WeVaccinateOurWayFree.

According to Gewista, “The pandemic has taken an enormous toll on all of us economically and, in many cases, on a personal level. It is now finally time for the lockdown to become a thing of the past.  Vaccination is an important step back to normality. And, that's exactly the example we want to set!"

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Published in 2021