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Vienna, December 2, 2021: "Kommisar Kex" is now traveling throughout the national capital, Vienna.

Gewista prominently displays an image of this star character of the new Ströck podcast on a streetcar of the Wiener Linien tram system. This bakery company is focusing on the fast-growing "Transport Media" display category.  Gewista, Austria's market leader in the Out-Of-Home sector, is "number 1" in transport marketing with advertising space on about 5,200 public transportation vehicles such as streetcars (trams), buses and subway trains.

Note:  Kommisar Kex’s name is a word-play on the German-language “Keks,” which means “cookie” in American English or “biscuit” in British English usage.

Advertising on public transportation enjoys increasing popularity

"Public transportation is enjoying ever-increasing popularity. At the same time, the booking volume of Gewista-Transport-Media, i.e., advertising in, on and around public transport, is also increasing every year. The current campaign of the bakery company Ströck impressively shows how you can create added value in the entire transportation category in the winter Advent season with a creative idea and a high-reach advertising medium," says Andrea Groh, Chief Sales Officer of Gewista.  In addition to its annual growth, Transport Media also scores high likeability ratings among its target groups. In addition, reaching the users of public transportation, a branded streetcar also creates visual awareness among pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers.

Audio experience for parents and kids

"Since our Kommisar Kex character is a detective on the road throughout Vienna searching for clues, it’s natural for him travel by streetcar!  We wanted an ideal presence in the public space and with the QR code you can listen to the Kommisar Kex podcast while on the go," says Andrea Unger-Posch, marketing manager at Ströck. This new podcast revolves around the private detective Kommisar Kex, also known as Inspector Kex to some, who sets out to find Christmas cookies that have mysteriously disappeared from Ströck stores.  In the audio experience, which is suited for the whole family, celebrities such as physicist Werner Gruber (director of the Planetarium and the Urania Observatory in Vienna), astrologer Gerda Rogers and TV presenter Christina Karnicnik provide crucial clues. The podcast narration is given a very special touch by the voice of actor and cabaret artist Gregor Seberg, who narrates the exciting adventure in four episodes.

Photo.  From left to right: Michael Reiser (Gewista), Irene Ströck (Managing Director Ströck), Lukas Kraetschmer (Ströck), Andrea Groh (CSO Gewista), Andrea Unger-Posch (Head of Marketing Ströck).

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