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Vienna, November 23, 2021

The fourth lockdown is intended to make an important contribution to containing the Covid19 pandemic, primarily by restricting mobility and public contacts. However, during this time, outdoor advertising formats haven’t lost their importance in terms of awareness and advertising effectiveness. Similar situations from the previous year have shown that there continues to be public mobility during which Out-Of-Home formats find their public target groups.

"Outdoor advertising is highly effective, even during this lockdown.  Although we are currently being asked to largely reduce both our private and professional travels, as well as our personal contacts, people must still journey into public spaces.  Home office working is not an alternative for everyone. Current studies show that home office work isn’t possible for more than two-thirds of all employees," says Gewista CEO Franz Solta.

Data from the Ambient Meter Study published last week shows that more than 70 per-cent of the 14- to 69-year-olds have no home office work option. Additionally, Austrians who are still working inside are exposed to outdoor advertising formats during permitted daily errands or outdoor recreation.

On the subject of mobility and lockdown, data from navigation service providers, for example, also provide important information.  "Lockdown no longer means a total standstill. The traffic tracking of a navigation service provider in a three-year comparison, for example, with a cut-off date of November 22nd, proves that the volume of traffic and the frequency of congestion in early morning traffic decreases somewhat during a lockdown, but is definitely still present," concludes Solta.

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Published in 2021