Gewista stages the most innovative form of drink serving for “cheers“ | Gewista
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To promote the web app start-up "cheers," a cooperation between Gewista and Media1, the solution for reach and impact was Gewista Out of Home.

Thanks to the start-up project “cheers,“ one of the most charming gestures in the world is being digitalized, that is, inviting someone for a drink. With the “cheers“ web app, you can please or entice others by digitally inviting them for a "real" drink at partner venues.

How easy it is to offer a selected person an enjoyable drink of his or her choice is demonstrated by a broad-based Out of Home media mix consisting of numerous Gewista City Lights, digital City Lights and Posters throughout Vienna.  A “cheers“ app user can register on the platform, select a drink, pay securely online and then send the drink invitation digitally to the selected person via WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail or social media. The selected person receives the beverage invitation voucher with the “cheers“ code on it and can redeem it at  partner locations, initially in Vienna, and then throughout Austria starting in the autumn season.  Interested parties can sign up for the drink app giveaway promptly via smartphone using a QR code printed on the subject.

"We are pleased," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "that we were able to implement an impactful campaign for this innovative form of drink-purchasing involving a large selection of Gewista Out of Home advertising media. The start-up “cheers“ app relies here on concentrated Gewista Out of Home advertising power with broad reach using City Lights, Posters and digital City Lights."

Client: Ottakringer Getränke AG
Media agency: Media1
Creative agency: tochter
Out of Home Mediamix/Vienna:
Poster: 19.07-01.08.2021
City Light: 15.07-28.07.2021
Digital City Light: 19.07-01.08.2021

Presse contact:
Philip Haubner
Head of Marketing
Mobile: +43 676 6968544

Published in 2021