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Zalando, the e-commerce fashion company, relies on a broad-based Out of Home media mix from Gewista as part of its current summer campaign in Austria called "Activists of Optimism." On Posters as well as analog and digital City Lights, the new campaign for Zalando shows content creators from all over Europe and how they spread optimism, positivity and joy in their own unique ways. The campaign highlight is a bus shelter staging on Vienna's Ringstrasse Boulevard, which not only catches the eye, but also reveals a reflection, with a surprise visual effect, when you enter it.

Zalando has again chosen to advertise using the Gewista Out of Home media mix on Posters as well as via analog and digital City Lights, offering all passers-by a special advertising highlight with true entertainment value. The stylish bus stop shelter branding displays in the Zalando Total Look are situated at bus stop shelters at prime city locations, directly on Vienna's Ringstraße in front of the City Hall, and will appear in the Zalando style until June 23, 2021.  On the glass surfaces and on the analog City Light of the waiting areas, there are foils showing models in the Zalando fashion look. Zalando brandings on the floor and roof of the waiting area round out the Total Look. The highlight, however, is the built-in interactive screen, which is activated by the approach of a passer-by and simulates a mirror, as in a hall of mirrors, with a distortion effect.  As soon as the screen is activated, a QR code appears. If the passers-by scan the code, they can select from three different distortion filters on their smartphones and be photographed with the selected mirror effect. Their image is then transferred to his/her cell phone.  To add to the atmosphere, the waiting area is decorated with bamboo, reeds and ivy.

"Zalando is an innovative fashion brand which takes an innovative approach to communication right down to the media implementations. That's why it's important to the Media 1 team to think about new, surprising, attention-grabbing special presentation techniques in every Zalando campaign. The campaign motto #ActivistsofOptimism was brought to life together with the client and Gewista in a special kind of bus shelter branding," says agency director Inez Czerny.

"We are delighted," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "to have won Zalando again for an Out of Home ad campaign and especially for the implementation of highly innovative and stylish bus shelter branding with many impressive features.  Advertising stagings, with highlights like these, embedded in a successful Out of Home media mix, are the crown jewels of any campaign and are remembered by passers-by for a long time."

v.l.n.r.: Andrea Groh (CSO Gewista), Julia Savic (Client Service Director Media1), Barbara Frühwirth (Senior Media Manager Media1), Pia Scharbau (Key Account Gewista), Dominik Riedmüller (Innovate Gewista)

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Published in 2021