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Gösser, one of the best-selling and most-well known beer brands in Austria, has created a special summer edition especially for the hot summer months, a non-alchoholic drink called Gösser NaturRadler 0.0%.  This beer is a fruity, raspberry-rhubarb variety which combines pure refreshment with a mild taste. Like the Gösser classic lemon brew, this summer edition of NaturRadler 0.0% impresses with less sugar and reduced calories. To promote its summer refreshments, Gösser relies on a special advertising form created by Gewista, a bus stop shelter branding in Total Look that literally provides refreshment, as well as City Lights throughout Vienna.

Gösser promotes its new non-alcoholic NaturRadler 0,0% summer edition in the  raspberry-rhubarb flavor, as well as the refreshing original "lemon" flavor, via a Gewista Out of Home media mix. A City Light scattering throughout Vienna, placed at high-reach locations, as well as a bus stop shelter branding in Total Look at the location Siebensterngasse 31 are being used. The bus stop shelter branding in Total Look not only has foil brandings on the glass surfaces and City Lights which show the refreshing NaturRadler 0.0%, but additionally features, for the first time in Vienna, which in view of the midsummer temperatures, provides refreshment --  a cooling spray device. The use of this cooling spray feature is made possible by the so-called "G-Control," a product developed by Gewista, which enables mobile control via QR code and a web portal.  How does it work?  Passers-by can scan the special "Scan and Stay Cool" feature QR code located on the City Light of the bus shelter and the cooling spray is then triggered directly on-site via a button on the landing page, instantly giving the user a cooling spray.

"With our Gösser bus stop shelter branding, including the spray mist that can be user-activated, we not only draw attention to our refreshing NaturRadler 0.0% in hot temperatures on Siebensterngasse, we also provide the best tangible refreshment. This touchpoint rounds off our campaign ‘Best refreshment. Naturally non-alcoholic‘ perfectly," says Michael Wallner, Marketing Director of Brau Union Österreich AG.

 "After a period when many were confined for health reasons, we finally find ourselves back in a public and almost normal life. Wherever people are out and about, brands need to be present and they must engage with consumers. Responding to the needs of passers-by and doing something good for them in the hot temperatures is the intention of this great campaign. Refreshment in these hot times is provided by Gösser Naturradler 0.0%.  This feeling and this brand promise are made directly tangible through the user-interaction and the resulting cooling spray," said Claudia Fugger, Client Partner of dentsu Austria GmbH.

"In addition to classic City Lights,“ says Gewista CSO Andreah Groh, “ Gösser has decided to promote the NaturRadler 0.0% utilizing an impressive special advertising form, a bus shelter branding in the Total Look with the cooling spray fog function via QR code and direct user control. Bus shelter brandings with individually designed displays at urban hot spots are not only unique eye-catchers, but also one of the Out of Home forms of advertising that remain in the recipient's memory for a long time because of the particularly creative design and the interactive possibilities, and memorable emotional impact."

f.l.t.r: Maximilian Deimel (Carat), Nadine Höfler (Brau Union), Zsuzsanna Kovacs (Carat), Florian Hirzinger (GGK MullenLowe), Dominik Riedmüller (Gewista)

Client: Gösser
Out of Home advertising form/mediamix:
City Lights in Vienna, bus stop shelter branding in total look with spray mist to cool down/location Siebensterngasse 31/A3
Duration: 15.07 - 28.07.2021

Presse contact:
Philip Haubner
Head of Marketing
E-mail: philip.haubner@gewista.at
Mobile: +43 676 6968544

Published in 2021