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Utilizing a wide reaching Gewista Out of Home campaign, Gruppo Montenegro promotes Select Aperitivo, originally created in 1920 in the heart of Venice.  In a national ad-media distribution, Posters as well as analog and digital City Lights are used, which skillfully put Select Aperitivo, which comes from the famous distillery, Pilla, in the spotlight.

Select was created in 1920 in the heart of Venice at the Pilla distillery, famous for producing superb liqueurs. Select Aperitivo, with its refined aroma profile of 30 different botanicals and a balanced bittersweet taste, is the essential ingredient of the original Venetian Spritz.  It’s perfectly ideal as a summer drink and equally suited for a large-scale and nationally disbursed Gewista Out of Home campaign. Thus, the star of the subject, a Select bottle placed in front of a Venetian background, with the slogans "Das A&O des Spritz!" [meaning “The A & O of Spritz!“] as well as "Select Spritz - Das Original aus Venedig" [meaning “Select Spritz – the Original from Venice“], can be seen on 16-sheet posters as well as on analog and digital City Lights in Vienna, which are focused and targeted around Point-of-Sale locations. The Gewista digital City Lights display features a ten-second video Select spot, which can be seen in Vienna's high-traffic subway stations at Stephansplatz and Volkstheater, as well as on Vienna's Mariahilferstrasse, and at selected hot spots in the city center.

"Austrian merchants invented the original 'Spritz' in Venice more than 100 years ago.  Now, the star of the Venetian bar scene is returning to Austria. To properly celebrate the traditional aperitivo culture, Select Aperitivo celebrates its grand re-entrance where people most like to be in summer, in public spaces. Prominently displayed is its unmistakable, intense red color and with the large green olive garnish that make up the 'A&O' of Dolce Vita: Aperitivo and Olive. Or, in this case the 'A&O' of successful communication, Aperitivo and Out of Home," commented KATTUS-BORCO Managing Director, Andreas Ruhland.

KATTUS-BORCO distributes Select Aperitivo in Austria and supports Gruppo Montenegro as one of the leading distribution organizations in the domestic beverage market with the market introduction and product launch in this country.

"We are very pleased," says Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "to be able to stage Select Aperitivo via a broad-based national  Out of Home media mix on Posters as well as on analog and digital City Lights. A targeted and specially selected Out of Home media distribution around POS locations shows how efficiently Out of Home targeting can be implemented. The target audience is thus made aware of the product in the immediate environment prior to a possible purchase."

f.l.t.r.: Andrea Groh (CSO, Gewista),  Julio Pereira (Brand Ambassador, Kattus-Borco), Sonja Murauer (Brand Manager, Select Aperitivo), Rainer Eschrich (Key Account Manager, Gewista)

Client: Select Aperitivo (KATTUS-BORCO) by Gruppo Montenegro.
Media agency: dentsu Austria
Creative agency: Die Goldkinder GmbH
Out of Home Mediamix:
Poster 16 sheets/National
Digital City Lights in Vienna/Mariahilferstraße and Deluxe Netz as well as at the subway stations Stephansplatz and Volkstheater
Kampagnengesamtlaufzeit: 01.07.-18.07.2021

Presse contact:
Philip Haubner
Head of Marketing
Mobile: +43 676 6968544

Published in 2021