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Vienna, July 6, 2022: To mark the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Austria, Austrian Out-of-Home market leader Gewista branded two streetcars for the Embassy of the Republic of South Korea in Austria.

The design was created by Gewista's in-house graphics department. These colorful streetcars will travel throughout the center of Vienna until the end of July.

Travelling through Vienna on six lines

"These Viennese streetcars have about 850,000 users daily and are, therefore, ideally suited to spotlight the anniversary of the 130-year friendship between Korea and Austria, and bring it to the attention of the Viennese as well as other Austrians and, of course, to Koreans residing in Austria," says Andrea Groh, Chief Sales Officer at Gewista.  “This branding of the streetcars does more than create awareness among the tram-riders. On a total of six lines, the streetcars also attract the attention of pedestrians and passing motorists.”

A sense of culture and tradition

The unique look of the streetcars certainly ensures that they cannot be overlooked.  From South Korean cultural icons such as the traditional garment "Hanbok" and the "Gyeongbokgung" palace to cherry blossoms, Korean food and K-Pop music, the streetcars add a little piece of Korea to Austria and convey a feeling of Korean culture and traditions.  Another special feature of the design is the anniversary logo, which was specially designed jointly by the governments of Korea and Austria to emphasize the forward-looking relationship between the two countries. "Korea and Austria share a long-standing diplomatic relationship and friendship. We are happy to carry this message together with Gewista on the streetcars of Vienna," said South Korean Ambassador SHIN Chae-Hyun about the campaign.

Two messages on one train 

This attention-grabbing campaign was also utilized as an opportunity for a second message at the same time. To promote awareness of Expo 2030 in Busan, South Korea, the streetcars were branded with additional message elements, featuring a logo and images highlighting Busan's dynamic development and drawing attention to this Korean port city.

v.l.n.r.:Reinhard Benesch (Gewista), Christopher Miesbauer (Gewista), Fr. Bong-Hee SON (Gattin des Botschafters), Hr. Chae-Hyun SHIN (Botschafter), Hr. Yeonjean YOON (Stv. Botschafter), Hr. Soo Chul LEE (Botschaftsrat)


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