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For its current image campaign, the precious metal trader philoro relies on a broad Out Of Home media mix from Gewista. The mix includes analog and digital City Lights plus Gewista's Transport Media and Rolling Boards, which are special, creative forms of advertising on Rolling Boards, are also used to underscore the company's message.

Silver and platinum, but above all gold, in various forms and price ranges, form the portfolio of philoro and are more in demand as investments than ever before. philoro is now serving this progressive development in the precious metals market with an image campaign that can be seen across many media platforms. The creative realization of the most diverse subjects is very stylish, in tasteful designs. Staged in futuristic settings, gold is emphasized as a safe investment for the future. In addition to the broadly based Out Of Home campaign, which was realized in cooperation with Kobza & The Hungry Eyes (KTHE) and Vizeum Austria, philoro relies on a format busting special production on Gewista Rolling Boards as a particularly creative campaign highlight. At several locations in Vienna in September and October, the Rolling Boards are po sitioned at high volume traffic junctions. Instead of the usual Rolling Board base, an over sized philoro 1kg gold bar is used. On the upper frame of the board is a woman's testimonial, depicted as a 3 D image blast "looking into the future" with binocula rs, because "The future is gold!" This claim can also be read on one of the three rolling subjects of the exclusive advertising format.

"The gold boom will last long term. All geopolitical and economic indicators point to this. Gold is the most stable for m of investment, which has lost none of its attractiveness for centuries. And, the future belongs to gold, because unlike shares of stocks, gold has a real, tangible value that is always physically present," said Rudolf Brenner, owner and managing director of philoro EDELMETALLE GmbH. "At the moment, many people are unsettled and they ask, 'How can I preserve my assets?' or 'What gives me security?' With our campaign, we want to show that gold brings reliability, security and high stability of value at al l times, especially in difficult times."

"Gold has an attraction that has been passed down through all generations and eras," says Rudi Kobza, Managing Director of KTHE, explaining the core theme of the campaign. "This makes it particularly fascinating to take a look into the future together with philoro and get people excited about owning gold. Our creations give a small but brilliant impression of this."

"The Rolling Board medium," according to Gewista CSO Andrea Groh, "is perfectly suited to place targeted advertising messages at heavily frequented traffic junctions. philoro not only uses the reach of the Rolling Board medium, but also one of the many creative design possibilities, an "Innovative & Ambient Media." This is a special form of advertising , which the Rolling Board offers, together with an impressive OOH media mix, to generate maximum attention that will be remembered for a long time."

Herbert Pratter, Managing Director of Vizeum Austria: "OOH special implementations are a particularly impo rtant part of the philoro campaign. In combination with a multi channel campaign that focuses on reach, we were able to present additional, special accents to create lasting message recall.“ Many more spectacular advertising spaces are planned for the future in cooperation with philoro and its agency and media partners to generate the maximum amount of attention for the brand's message.

Vlnr: Herbert Pratter (vizeum Austria),  Alexander Kizlink (vizeum Austria), Mag. Ursula Skoda-Schäfer (Philoro), Rudolf Brenner (Philoro), Christian Brenner (Philoro), Andrea Groh (Gewista)

Client: philoro EDELMETALLE GmbH
Creative Agency: Kobza and The Hungry Eyes (KTHE)
Media agency: Vizeum Austria
Out Of Home advertising form/media mix national: City Light, advertising on means of transport: ULFs, Graz Variobahn, Salzburg Bus-Hecks, Rolling Boards including format-busting special advertising formats, Digital City Lights.
Duration: September, 2020 – October, 2020

Press contact:
Christian Brandt Di Maio
Corporate Communications Manager
Mobile: +43 664 10 00 807



Published in 2020