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Vienna, May 17, 2022: “Sweet and refreshing” are the terms that describe Campari Austria GmbH's Aperitivo Cinzano, which will be featured in a large-scale campaign on Gewista display spaces in May, 2022.

CINZANO (pronounced correctly in Italian as “Chin-Zano”) says “Chin-Chin” as it toasts us with its refreshing Dolce Aperitivo on Gewista displays. Cinzano toasts the public!   In addition to analog and digital advertising spaces, the special installations on city lights and a branded streetcar present additional messaging highlights.
For Cinzano, the esteemed Italian beverage manufacturer, the new Gewista campaign is something very special.  It was inspired by the cult subject from the 1960s of the Campari group. The campaign celebrates 265 years of the company's history and the much-vaunted Dolce Vita, also known as the “sweet life.”

Hundreds of advertising media across Vienna

The geographical focus of the campaign is Vienna. By means of Gewista advertising media, a strong, striking presence is ensured.  This Campari summer drink will be seen on more than 260 Analog City Lights, on a branded streetcar and on 90 Digital City Lights. These venues include top locations such as Mariahilfer Strasse, subway stations and Karlsplatz. 

"Our advertising spaces achieve an enormous reach, while at the same time they increase the awareness of the individual campaigns. During the campaign’s runtime of about two weeks, the Viennese will very often be exposed to the Gewista campaign of this Campari Italian summer drink, which features the famed Muscat grape from Piedmont," Gewista Chief Sales Officer Andrea Groh said with certainty.

A classic of Italian bar culture

The design may have changed, but Campari Austria GmbH and its cult drink Cinzano remain emblematic of the same values -- Italian tradition and a love of pleasure. "Cinzano is a piece of Italian aperitif culture, and not least because of the numerous variations of how to enjoy it. With the Gewista Out-of-Home campaign, we bring a piece of Italian flair to Vienna and show how to properly enjoy the famous Aperitivo Italiano. The numerous Gewista display locations generate maximum campaign awareness," says Simone Edler, Managing Director Campari Austria GmbH.  “Cinzano puts the drink at the center of the message, because even the shape and design of the bottle command attention in this visually engaging Gewista campaign, which has superlative, eye-catching impact.”

OOH and Cinzano: It's a match

The typical evening in Italian cities starts with a traditional aperitivo in convivial company. Leopold Grübl, Managing Director Client Leadership at Mindshare, wants to spread this carefree urbane feeling and, therefore, focuses on Gewista’s Out-of-Home advertising. "Cinzano stands for a piece of Italian history and brightens up every aperitivo moment with pure joie de vivre. In the broadly effective Cinzano campaign, we combine the concentrated powers of outdoor advertising and create a perfect media match for all those who celebrate life in its Italian sweetness, precisely la dolce vita, “said Mr. Grübl. “So, it is with the greatest pleasure that we offer a toast and say Cin Cin, Cinzano!"

v.l.n.r.: Maria Gössinger (Gewista), Christopher Mandl (Campari Group), Andrea Groh (Gewista), Anna Ferrario (Campari Group), Tobias Schweiger (Mindshare), Rainer Eschrich (Gewista)


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