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Your billboard advertising with us.

Our benefits for your billboard advertising campaign: proven, you should not change.

This also applies to our most traditional Out of Home advertising medium, the paper billboard. The word billboard refers to simple sheets of paper that are used to spread messages and continues to be an integral part of Austrian outdoor advertising.


To what can the success of a billboard be attributed?

The success is in the simplicity of the medium. Because especially in times of digital change, billboard advertising convinces with its quality and consistency. It is also the medium of choice, when the focus of an advertising campaign is the rapid development of high awareness. The reason is clear: Nearly everyone passes by a billboard! Especially in combination with other advertising media, the billboard also plays an important role in the Media-Mix of unique advertising campaigns.

The billboard formats are as diverse as the requirements of our clients: We offer formats of 8, 16, 24, right up to 48 sheet billboards and, by request, support them with innovative design options.

16.000 billboard surfaces in Austria

Anyone who books billboard advertising with us will benefit from our national surface coverage. We currently have 16.000 billboard surfaces in use for your advertising campaign in large cities, state capitals, regional towns and rural areas. Our clients can book advertising billboards, according to their requirements, in specially tailored regions, in order to reach target groups, exactly where they are most represented.

In addition, the billboard offers a great deal of variation: Whether stationary as advertising columns, as junior panels, as waiting shelter-billboards or mobile eye-catchers, the Out of Home medium is the ideal advertising medium for POS activities and product launches!

Waiting Shelter

Advertising billboards in waiting shelters enjoy great acclaim.

Waiting shelters are comfortable urban furnitures that, first and foremost, fulfil the function of sheltering passengers from the wind and weather. They are a part of urban life and are situated all along busy, city traffic routes and are indispensable in public transport, as well as, in the area of outdoor advertising in Austria.

Anyone waiting at a tram or bus stop welcomes the positive distraction in the form of interesting and attractive billboards!
The diverse design options open to the 24-sheet billboards, involving the entire architecture or in Total Look, offer an additional incentive to use them as a vehicle for creative advertising campaigns.

Special advertising forms

Billboard is not always billboard.

Special forms of advertising can be ideally combined with the most tradition-steeped media of outdoor advertising. New ideas and unusual creations always require innovative approaches and encourage us to come up with new and better solutions.

With additional fixings and foils, or with the mounting of accessories like curtains, hoods, signs and so on, the advertising billboard becomes an extraordinary eye catcher. The classic “billboard” medium can, therefore, be adapted optimally to the wishes of our clients and enables diverse and inspiring permutations. Convince yourselves of the creative permutations possible!

Advertising columns

Outdoor advertising with history.

The advertising column is the oldest representative of our Out of Home product family and is as such an indispensible element of the urban cityscape. These so-called Litfass columns are contemporary witnesses of the classic Out of Home idea and predestined as carriers for placards and posters. They are named after the inventor of billboard advertising, Ernst Litfass.

Many of these classic advertising columns blend in like monuments in the alleyways, streets and squares all around Vienna. In other Austrian state capitals, like Salzburg, billboard advertising on columns also enjoys great attention. The historic background presents a befitting setting for classical themes, but allows conscious attachment of modern designs that break the classic mould.

Book our billboards

Have our billboards convinced you of their benefits? Then, here you will find further booking information, price details, as well as, the billboard display cycle. We are happy to answer any questions you may have at any time and look forward to actively assisting you in planning and implementation.