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One thing the crisis has shown: Out of Home remains relevant!

When it comes to visibility, reach and, especially, branding, outdoor advertising is the right medium.

We want to be outside.

Increasing mobility and urbanization have led to an out-of-home boom in recent years. Even in the "new normal," people are mobile. Movement data shows: When stores open, people stand in line. When the pub gardens open, there is hardly a free seat available. When it's warmer, the Donauinsel and Wienerwald are literally overrun.

In some cases, there was a modal shift between the routes used: Even though public transportation is again very busy at peak times, many people have switched to individual transportation. Safely in their own cars, on bicycles or - to get some exercise at the same time - on foot, was the motto. As a result, the contact figures for advertising media such as the Rolling Board remained largely stable; advertising media that are strongly seen by pedestrians, such as the City Light, can score with increased attention. In a time of basically low stimulus, the mindset is more open to new stimuli - and we know from surveys and our own advertising media tests* that the environment is perceived more consciously as a result and that the advertising impact suffers to a far lesser extent than the drop in gross contacts would suggest.
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OOH is THE branding medium.

Price sensitivity increases in times of crisis. At the same time, the number of loyalists increases. It is therefore essential to build trust and strengthen the brand.

Out of Home is a trusted medium. We don't have Fake News, and privacy concerns are also almost non-existent with a one-to-many medium. As an advertising saying goes, "If it's written on a billboard, it can't be a lie."


Score through regionality.

During the crisis, the immediate neighborhood has gained in importance. Regional products and local companies are preferred. Identification with one's own neighborhood has increased.

Place Out of Home advertising media exactly where they want it: National, regional or local with selected messages in selected places. No other medium can do this with such granularity.


Public space continues to gain in importance Out of Home is as relevant as ever - and will continue to grow in importance in the future: No other medium can target hard-to-reach audiences in such a targeted way, create public awareness and build trust. The physical presence of the medium lends weight to the content.


  • Digital times open up new opportunities: Digitization in planning and campaign development (more precise data granularity and programmatic playout options) makes Out of Home more accurately measurable and plannable.

  • Public space is trending like never before. We want to be mobile and use our surroundings. Cities are becoming living rooms, changing mobility concepts and smart city approaches are being widely discussed. Gewista sees itself as a partner of cities and a partner of companies whose messages are seen in public space..

Digression: Mobility in spring 2021


Outside, like never before.

The streets are filling up again. There are still slightly fewer people on the road than usual - but the difference is now only comparatively small and will probably narrow further in the course of the spring:

  • Already in the second and then clearly in the third lockdown, a certain "lockdown fatigue" has spread. Fewer and fewer people are actually staying exclusively at home. Many have resumed their usual mobility behavior. Now retailers have also reopened, children have to be taken to school again, and museums and hairdressers are also finally open - in short, the usual life is being lived again wherever possible - with a mask and a safety distance.

  • The home office myth: 79% of Austrian employees cannot do their work at all in a home office. And only a few employees have actually switched to the home office 100% of the time.

  • When the weather permits, local recreation areas in and around Vienna are recording record numbers of visitors. The approaching spring will add to this, and many are pushing for the "Schanigartensaison" to open as soon as possible

  • Restaurants and events continue to be closed - this primarily affects evening mobility.

  • With the vaccination of seniors and the certainty that there is now a high probability that relatives from risk groups are no longer at risk, combined with the possibility of simple tests at home, there is also an increased willingness to make more contacts and thus also to be more mobile.

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